Be the Next Business Empire with Online Office Management

It is quite inevitable to believe that all sorts of businesses are sprouting like mushrooms. Come to think of it if we look at how these businesses compete with each other, and with the varied marketing strategies are there served in a silver platter, it would seem look like these varied options are quite limited and similar. Then what would be the key in order to outwit the humongous and numerous business outfits out there? Actually, there are a lot of keys to choose from. Both amateurs and established entrepreneurs will benefit from among the following online office management technologies:

Lenovo’s ThinkPad Helix

One thing that I’m pretty sure of when it comes to searching for the best online office technology: it’s the quality and durability of a technology that I’m aiming for. And that’s what I adore about ThinkPad Helix, a mini-laptop and tablet which can be converted into a very efficient accompaniment for office presentations and reports. The specifications indeed put me at the edge of my seat! This ‘rip and flip’-designed laptop can be used in four various ways.

  • Laptop mode: I can do the conventional processes and applications while in this mode. Since it’s durable and light-weight, I can able to use it anywhere and is convenient enough to carry around.
  • Flip mode: One of the nicest specifications of ThinkPad Helix is once it has been flipped; it can be a great accompaniment for presentations while I am controlling the keyboard. On the other hand, if I feel like watching movies or music videos onboard a plane or bus, I can still do so, since the flip design technology allows me to see clearly in high definition, the videos even if I am in a reclining position.
  • Close mode: The exciting part is when ThinkPad is in close mode. I can use this mini-treasure as a convertible tablet which is jam-packed with features such as near-field communication (NFC), stylus, 11-inch Gorilla Glass display, and long-term connectivity (LTC). Whenever I am conducting business meetings, and there’s a need to instantly jot down notes, I can do so in this mode.
  • And the amazing of all is that I can detach the screen and convert it to a standalone 1.84 pound tablet, allowing more functionality to realize whenever I am at work or play. There are indeed limitless opportunities with ThinkPad Helix.

Google Nexus 10

For those entrepreneurs in the computing business and are searching for a device that can manage to conduct calls via virtual office phone, then Google Nexus 10 is the best and budget-friendly tablet around. Collaboration of various business partners into one place is impossible nowadays due to high travel expenses. But with the idea of going virtual, setting up a meeting online is never a hassle. With Google Nexus 10, it is possible to conduct conferences since it is pre-installed with Google Voice and Google Now. Though the tablet is lacking of 3G and 4G capabilities, possibilities could still be explored since it promises sleek, savvy, speed, and flexible functionalities.

All Subway (99cents)

Entrepreneurs in search of mobile applications that would address the need to work hassle-free in all parts of the globe will find All Subway (99cents) mobile application a great traveling tool. This application is a map-generator, that is capable of producing maps even offline to help travelers to get to destinations of choice. Since I always have this application in my mobile, I never feel the need to consult or purchase tangible maps just to go to a meeting or conference. It also provides some helpful tips while in the road, so traveling for business would feel like a worthwhile vacation.

There are still a multitude of technologies, gadgets, and applications catering to address various business needs and ideals. It is on how and until when we are going to utilize these technologies to our advantage. Just make sure not to be too much dependent on technology. These are plainly objects, and it is us, entrepreneurs on how to efficiently manipulate these objects into effective business partners.

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