Using Nintendo 3DS Storage Card to Better Your Leisure Time

Technology has helped people improve their lives and it is because of technology that people have access to things, such as the Internet, gaming devices and MP3. Today, there is no dearth for entertainment, as there are different ways that people can spend their leisure time. One of the most popular ways to spend leisure time is playing video games and Nintendo DS is one of the popular gaming consoles in the market.

If you own a Nintendo gaming console, specifically the 3DS console, you can even enjoy watching movies in the comfort of your home. This is one use of the console that many people forget to use effectively. So, if you are a movie buff, here are some tips, how you can enjoy watching movies using your Nintendo DS gaming console.

Storage Device

Movies require a slot of storage space and the Nintendo 3DS may not have that much space to store the movies you want. Hence, look for the right storage device that is specifically meant for your DS. The R4 storage device is the one that is used with the Nintendo DS and you can get it in different storage capacity. If you intend downloading and storing movies on the device, try to get 2GB and above.

DPG Format Conversion

The storage device that you choose for your Nintendo DS can run movies only if they are in DPG format. Hence, you will have to ensure that the movie you download is in this format. If you are unable to download a DPG format movie, you can make use of software for the conversion. Make sure you get the software from a reliable and trustworthy site, so that you do not download any malicious software while downloading the software.

Select the Movies

Now download the movies you want. Make sure you download the movies from legal sites to avoid not just viruses and other malicious software, but to also stay on the right side of the law. Once you have downloaded the movie, use the software to convert it in DPG format. You can convert as many movies as possible, but it all depends on the storage capacity of your storage card.

Computer Connection

After downloading and storing the movies, connect the R4 card to your computer. Make sure that the micro SD slot has the ability to support the adapter. Then check the main menu of your Nintendo 3DS and look for the tab that reads ‘Movies’. Now transfer the stored movies from your computer onto the card.

Watch Movies on Your Nintendo DS

Remove the R4 card from the computer and insert it into your gaming console. Check the main menu and hit the tab that says ‘R4 3DS’. Look for the Movie icon and you are ready to watch movies on your Nintendo.

You can easily buy r4 3ds UK via dedicated websites. Make sure that you have a memory card, as this storage device cannot function without it. So, if Nintendo DS does not have a memory card, check with the online merchant whether the storage device comes with a memory card. This will make your purchase more affordable. Otherwise, you will have scout for software online which can be time-consuming and risky.


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