Things You Can Do with Your Nintendo DSi over the Internet

The Nintendo DSi is a video gaming console. However, it can also be used to connect with the Internet and surf websites. This handheld gaming console allows users to connect to the Internet without having to make use of their computers or laptop. Though not the fastest browser, the DSi browser still makes it easy to check websites that are not very graphic heavy.

Browser for the Nintendo DSi

This browser can be downloaded from the DSi shop. It can help users access the latest news, check emails and surf the World Wide Web via wireless Internet connectivity. The browser is an Opera-based one and has been especially developed for the DSi. It can be operated using the touch screen or the controls of the console. Navigation through the web pages can be done using the stylus and/or entering text as when required using the keyboard that is present on the screen or opting for handwriting recognition.

Viewing Options

The DSi offers two viewing options when it comes to web pages. The Overview Mode is the default viewing option where the zoomed out view of the webpage is visible. You can use the magnified view that can be seen on the touch screen. The stylus can be used to check the magnified view and you can switch between the zoomed out or the magnified view based on your convenience.

The other viewing option is known as Column Mode. If you are reading a long text, it is best to use this mode, as it changes the original layout of the webpage and allows you to read the text in one column that extends into both the screens.

What All Can You Do?

Some of the things that you can use your Nintendo DSi while surfing the Internet are as follows:

Emails: The DSi allows you to check your emails and reply to them. This gaming console can prove to be a boon for people who do not like smart phones or other handheld devices to check their emails and be in touch with their workplace, family and friends.

Encyclopedias: The DSi can work as a knowledge enhancer, as it can help people check online encyclopedias when they are stuck of answers or are looking for more information. These text-based sites are fast to download and easy to navigate using your Nintendo DSi.

Social Networking: People, who love to use social networking sites, will love their Nintendo DSi. These sites also have few images and are primarily text-based. Hence, it is easy to access top sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, easily. The sites open quickly and you can keep in touch with your social media friends or check statuses of your friends without a hassle.

If you want to enhance your experience of using the Internet and uploading photographs that you clicked using your DSi, it is best to get an R4 card for DSi. It will not only allow you to click and save photographs easily and upload on social networking sites; you also can use the storage card to save your favorite music, games and movies that you can watch on the go.


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