Ways to Optimally Setup the CCTV Security for Your Office Premises

The main idea of using closed circuit television is to ensure simple-greater security. By installing them in the right place in your office, crimes are either prevented altogether, or at least greatly reduced. When a crime does occur, it quickly identifies the culprit.

All these cameras come with lenses that help deliver the pictures to the monitors. The images it captures allow the person watching them to have a clear picture of what is going on around the location of the camera.

You can either choose wire or wireless CCTV cameras. Both types are easy to install. In most cases, the instructions are very simple and do not require a professional unless you are installing it in a tricky location.

To be succeeding in your attempt to make your place secure you must learn how exactly to install a CCTV camera for your office premises. Here are some quick tips to consider while you get started.

Supports day and night modes

Before buying one, you must carefully look into the features offered by each camera. It’s a good idea to buy a camera that automatically switches from night vision to a regular view and promises you better quality video footage at all times in spite of dull light around the camera. If your camera does not support this, you need to provide additional light for getting better footage.

Consider the location

At first you need to consider the location where the CCTV should be installed. Many people make a mistake in this regard. They buy a single camera and install it in wrong place. If you do so, you are likely to miss the footage that is important for you. The spot you choose to hang the camera should give a good and clear view of the area. It may take a couple of minutes to decide the exact place but it is very beneficial.

You should also consider the camera you have installed is free from the grip of the burglar as the experienced criminals are aware of it. So make sure that the cabling is out of site and is not easy for the criminal to disconnect the wires. Also, the camera needs to be hanged at a height that prevents tampering.

Monitor the camera regularly

There is no use in installing CCTV cameras if you do not monitor it regularly. Watching video footage on personal computer is an additional benefit which prevents you from buying any extra hardware. But you should be careful as your PC can take up a lot of memory. If you want to go with this decision, you should have a computer that is used only for this purpose. Also, make sure that your PC is updated and has enough memory.

Record the videos

Make sure that your CCTV supports a digital video recorder (DVR). It is a standalone device that records live feeds and store for future viewing. It is connected to the monitor for watching footage. This stored footage is of great help especially if any crime occurs. Video footage like this can also serve as evidence in tracing the culprit.

Use covert cameras

To ensure security, install covert cameras. These cameras are cleverly hidden so that they do not get noticed by anyone. These cameras are extremely effective and widely used.

Enjoy remote access

A good CCTV should support remote monitoring, which means it should allow you to access the footage from anywhere. However, for safety concerns, it is better to allow only trusted persons to access the live footage.

Include multiple displays

Most modern CCTVs will have multiple displays and with the help of a DVR, multiple video streams can be accessed from all television sets in your office. However, for this you require a DVR that supports multiple setups.

Look for the network support

If you are planning to monitor your DVR and cameras over the internet but are installing the setup yourself, check whether the company offers network support over the phone or else you have to pay a substantial fee for hiring an expert to set it up for you.

Once you have finished with the installation process, it’s time to check for everything to be ok. Turn the system on and watch the video footage and makes sure the system has covered the area that you have included in your plan. It is also a good experience for you to setup the system on your own.


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