Best Android Apps for Education of 2013

It is no longer acceptable to restrict learning inside the classroom.  Nor is it sustainable to provide students with assignments via a small select of mediums.

Information technology has supplied the education sector with more tools, some of which are provided below:

1. Desire2Learn Binder

Basically, it’s a document reader, some formats of which it supports include PDF and Microsoft Office files.  However, its numerous features make it more than the average doc-reader.  Its collection of features consists of the following:

  • The Fetch enables you to locate any type of file.
  • The Annotation Wheel makes highlighting, note-taking, and any other related functions breeze-easy.

2. Wi-Fi Finder

Finding Wi-Fi hotspots has never been easy – thanks to JiWire’s Wi-Fi Finder, internet connection need not stay localized to your favorite spots.  Discovering spots that proffer free, as well as, paid access empowers your resolve to learn and study wherever you are.

3. Verivo Higher Ed Platform

This basket of apps is specially designed for the higher education institutions.  It caters to provide access to this three: Student, Faculty, and Alumni – each of which contain relevant information, say Grades for students, Class Schedule for faculty, and Updates for the alumni.  Visiting its Apps Gallery may give you a glance of its 19 Android apps.


CLEAR stands for “Connected Learning Easy As Read, Respond, and Repeat.”  More than equipping learners for a PDF scanning or reading, the app boasts of empowered interactivity – through the Authoring Tools.

Users are also given four language options: English, Korean, Japanese and Spanish.  With 13 File Management Features, 20 Advanced Viewing Features and 25 Basic Viewing Features, putting this app as part of your tablet or mobile collection is certainly not a waste.

5. Genius Scan

The Grizzly Labs know your need to scan a page from a library-only book, or any borrowed material.  It also permits users to format the scanned page through the Enhance, Crop and Straighten features, as well as, Organise and Share it.

6. Socrative Student Clicker

Would you want your teachers or tutors to provide you with subject-related quizzes (say information technology) and games real-time?  Or, do you want to access and respond to these quizzes or games real-time?  Both are made possible with Socrative’s app.

Education professionals would love it simply because subject retrofitting (into quizzes and games) is convenient.

7. Blackboard Mobile Learn

What you’d normally do in physical blackboards is made feasible in Android phones.  Faculty could use it to post important class-related Announcements, while the institution can make the beloved no-class shout-out right at the tip of its fingers.

Students, on the other hand, can monitor their progress through the Tasks and Grades options, or engage in an exchange of sorts with the Discussions option.  Blogs, Roster, Media and Journals are also available features.

These apps provide versions for both earlier and 2013 versions.

Indeed, information technology has moved education way beyond the bulky PCs inside the computer lab.  Now, it’s in every learner’s hands.


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  1. This is very interesting. Honestly, I really don’t know some of these apps. I’ll download these apps and try it if it can satisfy me.