5 Amazing Things 3D Printers Can Print

You have probably already heard about 3D printers at some point. These are the devices which many industry experts believe will change the face of the world in years to come. It all sounds a bit futuristic if we are being honest but there are plenty of amazing yet practical uses for these printers which some people have already tried or started investigating.

  • Clothes and Shoes. Can you imagine wearing trousers and shoes which you printed off yourself? This is possible due to the strength of the material which can be used to print with 3D machines. This would be a wonderful way for you to test out your creative side or to rustle a raincoat in an emergency when it starts raining just as you are about to go out. On a more serious note, professional designers could quickly and easily try out their new designs this way.
  • Space Stations. One idea for 3D printers which is really exciting is that which NASA is working on.  The space agency wants to send up their astronauts with a zero gravity 3D printer which can be used to produce tools, food and anything else the space explorers need. Indeed, they can even print off an entire space station bit by bit instead of taking it up there with them.
  • Body Parts. A lot of the most crucial work around 3D printing is in the medical industry. Experts see this cutting edge technology as being idea for solving a lot of medical issues. Perhaps the most dramatic suggestion is to print off body parts. There is research being done in this field currently all over the world. One of the latest countries to report a breakthrough is Australia, where investigators claim to have come up with a workable technique. Meanwhile, in South Africa doctors have already used one of these printers to produce a new hand for a boy.
  • Cars. Among the companies which are highly interested in the 3D printing industry are those which make cars. It could be a revolution in the car world if these firms start using 3D printing techniques to produce vehicles more quickly and at far less cost. The development process for new models could also be speeded up, as they could print off their designs to scale easily.
  • Anything You Want. The most exciting thing about this subject is that there appears to be no limit to where it will lead. We could print anything we want at home and customize it in the way which best suits us. This sounds so bold and exciting that it is almost hard to believe, but it will happen at some point. In the meantime, you might be surprised by how many exciting things can be printed off on a conventional printer these days. The internet is a fine place to look for ideas which could give you a new hobby or simply keep you entertained for a while. By using recycled toner cartridges from Toners4less you can do this at low cost and without causing any unnecessary damage to the environment either.

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