Deciding the Best Mobile Platform for Business

Traditionally businesses were always advised to use BlackBerry phones for their employee’s business usage, if only because that’s the reason these devices were originally developed. However, technology moves quickly and perpetual innovation on the part of Apple and Android has meant that BlackBerry has been outstripped time and again by new developments. Unfortunately for mobile brands, they’re simply judged against their latest device and BlackBerry isn’t able to stand up to competition any more.

Top of the Charts

It really is time you sell BlackBerry Curve 8520 and Bold 9900 devices and move onto one of the better phones from another provider. BlackBerry’s spent a long time at the top of the business charts but supremacy is now shifting towards Android and Apple who are set to battle for the top spot.

Industry analysts are already suggesting Android are likely to pip Apple simply due to the number of different brands who have taken up their operating system. For every one iPhone bought for business use by a company, 3 Android models will be bought, be they Samsung, HTC or another brand. Android is set to keep the top spot.

It isn’t a clean fight though and representatives of both sides are more than happy to pick holes in their rival. Apple has recently been heard to be claiming that Android’s operating system isn’t as good as iOS because the services don’t work seamlessly in conjunction and BlackBerry haven’t completely given up by having a dig at Apple, claiming they’re out of date.

The Power of Security

Security concerns are often the most important feature of modern smartphones for companies. In this instance at least BlackBerry still represents the best but Apple is gaining ground and are considered to be more advanced than Android on this particular issue. When phones are used for business they need to be treated the same as any business equipment and therefore data sensitivity and protection are key areas of importance for companies.

Bring your Own Device

Bring your own Device (BYOD) incentives has become a growing trend in the workplace which allows staff to use their own personal mobile devices to access and use company networks. Of course there are security risks with this but it removes the problem of deciding which types of phone are best for the company. This option can be successful but there may still be employees who prefer to be provided with a separate business phone and this is something you should keep in mind.

Business Branding

At the end of all the discussions, you still need to decide whether Android or Apple is best for your company. Both have their own benefits and in the end the decision comes down to which brand you want associated with your company. If a large number of employees will be provided with business phones then decide whether you want to conform to the clean-cut identikit Apple devices or offer them a range of Android choices. This in part is down to your business’ image.

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