How to Upgrade Wi-Fi Card of Your Laptop?

You probably know that upgrading memory and storage space has huge impact on computer’s performance, but upgrading Wi-Fi card can also improve your computer’s performance significantly.

Storage and memory are probably the most easy and commonly upgraded components in a laptop. When it comes to Wi-Fi cards, these are rarely upgraded. However, upgrading them can have dramatic impact on your computer’s performance. The greater is the range of Wi-Fi, the faster will be the throughput. Here you’ll get to learn techniques to upgrade Wi-Fi card.

Upgrading Wi-Fi card:

Before you start with the upgrade, remember to unplug the power adapter of your laptop and remove battery if possible. If the battery of your laptop is non-removable, be extra careful that you do not turn the power button on, while you are still working inside it.

When you are inside your laptop, looking for your old Wi-Fi card, be very careful in detaching the antennas and make a note of how it was connected. You might take a photo of it as well for reference purposes.

After detaching the antennas, unscrew the old card from its mounting area. This will cause the card to pop-up. Once the card is popped out, carefully lift it off the slot.

Now line up the contacts of new Wi-Fi card to its slot and carefully try to insert it at a slight tilt. The card will fit only in one way, so if the card does not fit in properly, do not force it and try to slide it the other way. Once the card is properly seated it its designated slot, screw it down. Now the next step is to reattach the antennas. You can take reference from the note you made while detaching the old card or you can also refer to the photograph you clicked.

Once, it’s done, close your laptop and turn it on. There is a possibility that the operating system will already have appropriate drivers for the newly installed card, but if the case is otherwise, you can visit manufacturer’s website and download the upgraded drivers from there.


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