Reason for why Samsung Galaxy S4 better than iPhone 5

Today, iPhone and Smart phone is very popular in world wide. Millions of people use iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Smartphone. New Samsung unpacked their latest Smart phone from New York City the Galaxy S4 on Thursday night and the reviews on social networking are mixed. New Samsung held the occasion from radio city music hall with a side occasion at times square, but live flow was provided worldwide. With the world viewing, opinions were not shied.

Based on Korea’s The Chosunilbo, a new Samsung expert stated that the Galaxy S4 provided four thousand models around the world as of the end of April. In comparison to the past three years of the Galaxy S smart phones, it took 85 times for the Galaxy S1 to supply three thousand units, 55 times for the Galaxy S2, and 21 times for the Galaxy S3. As of Friday, we have sold more than 6 thousand units, and we predict that we could crack the 10-million mark by as early as the end of these 30 days,” the New Samsung executive stated, by using Chosun Media.

The lot of Galaxy S4 units sold may confirm that it may be a similar opponent to Apple’s iPhone 5. The fifth-generation Apple Smart phone, which released in Sept 2012, sold over five thousand units in its first few days. While we have sold out of our preliminary supply, stores keep get iPhone 5 shipments consistently and clients can keep use the online and get an estimated delivery date, Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a declaration last September.

Samsung, however, has not revealed official sales numbers yet, but if the claimed Samsung executive’s declaration is real, it may be a figure out the Southern Korean-based company can proudly display about. The Galaxy S4’s price is near or the same as the iPhone 5 when it released last year. Dash, T-Mobile has the Galaxy S4 at $149.99 while AT&T and Verizon Wi-Fi have the New Samsung Smart phone at $199.99, the same as the iPhone 5. The Galaxy S4 is available across more providers than the iPhone 5 was at time of its release.


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