How Easy It Is To Control Budget from Smartphone

When we get the monthly salary, we feel so happy. A whole lot of money that is! But by the last quarter of the month we are back to basics again. Don’t worry; this happens not only with you but with almost everybody. Now when Smartphone’s are helping you in managing anything and everything under the sun, why not use those to maintain the daily or monthly budget as well. There are many apps to help you in this endeavour. Here in this essay we try to mention a few which we like.

Moneywise comes to mind first. The app, which has a traditional look, is a decent one with nice functionalities as well as easy user interface. The app knows how to present data and this is why we are using this app, to know where exactly we stand, financially.

You can compare two sets of data, you can also use the nice tag features to select the data you want to display. Various display options like pie chart or bar graph also help you to get a better understanding easily.

Financisto is another fabulous app. With very easy short cuts, which can be directly accessed from the home screen? You can easily check all your latest financial transactions, with all details, using this app. You can even virtually transfer your funds from one account to another, which helps those with a book keeping tendency.  There is also the fantastic Blotter feature which keeps track of every transaction made on a single page. One look at that page can tell you where exactly your money has gone.control-budget

EasyMoney is the third app to feature on our list. It has a very pleasant user interface as well as an inbuilt numeric keyboard so that the user can easily input the numbers for each financial entry. One can easily manage the bills using the notification system and use the colour codes to make the result more colourful. You can also use the split transaction method where you can slice up one original transaction into smaller instalments and can let you handle that way.control-budget-on-easy-money

AndroMoney is another app which allows you to access your financial data from you Android phone, your android tablet and even your Mac or your Windows PC. You can also easily get all your data in CSV format so you can use download them for your PC or even import them into something like Google Drive. The Google Drive feature helps you to edit your account from any web browser as well. This feature helps in staying in touch using whatever medium you prefer. Why use small screen phone when at home or why open laptop when on the go!Google-Drive-for-budget

CWMoney Expense Track has the splendid speech to text feature which lets your finger relax. You can also manually rectify the conversion process in typing from the correction window. This happens to be on the same page for expenses, Income, Data manager and various reports. All the transactions can be easily saved. User can easily access all the transactions on the same so the book keeping becomes a very fast process. The speech to text converter is a real time saver and often used by people in hurry. Android-budget-control

There are lots of other apps in Android market or Google play but not all of those are easily verifiable. Some has horrible look whereas few others are lacking even in the basic functionalities. There are lots of publishers where the credentials can’t be verified and that are one big risk. You wouldn’t want to send your financial data to any stranger, right? In fact there are lots of fraudulent individuals who are launching fake applications to gain these data from the innocent users. Few days ago, a fake Blackberry messenger was launched in Android market and even before Google could take any action, there was 1 million download already. Few months ago, fake Angry Birds game hit the store and the same day millions of people downloaded the fake game and was victimised by giving away all personal details to an unknown publisher.

This is why utmost care must be taken when downloading or installing any of the financial apps as this is the most sensitive data which you want to keep safe and never secret. Trust our review when you check as we have checked and verified each aspect of these apps personally and professionally before suggesting these to you.

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