5 Essential Features Your VPS Must Have in 2013

A VPS (Virtual Private Server) is part of a virtual machine that acts as its own stand-alone server. Because it is a stand-alone server, a VPS has its own memory, configuration files, IP addresses, and more. However, if you are going to have a VPS, here are 5 essential features your VPS must have in 2013:

1. Custom control panel

Having a highly customizable control panel is an essential feature your VPS must have in 2013. With a variety of features, including search options, tags, and filters, custom control panels can help finish the work you need to do faster. You will also have more control over your VPS to implement the best performance optimizations.

2. Convenient datacenter placement

Choosing a provider that has a datacenter close to your target audience is ideal because they will better understand your audience and their needs. Having a datacenter close to you is also beneficial since you will be the one mainly accessing the VPS.

3. Compatibility

It is crucial that your VPS is compatible across multiple platforms to ensure the best experience. For instance, you will want to ensure that your VPS is:

  • Able to run using operating systems and databases that you are most used to, such as Windows or Linux
  • Able to work with other products offered by your provider
  • Compatible with mobile devices

Ensuring that your VPS is compatible with mobile devices is a must because many Americans use their mobiles more than their own computers to browse the Internet. By catering to the needs of mobile device users, you will put yourself in a better position to keep your regular visitors while gaining more.

4. Support

If you experience technical difficulties with your VPS, having professional support will help lessen the stress. You should always be able to chat or call your provider to discuss any issues at any time of the day or year.

Your provider should offer some of the following support:

  • Monitoring
  • Application infrastructure layer and operating system support
  • Technical guidance

It is also important to remember to choose a provider that truly understands your specific needs. While fast ticket times are great, you may still not get the individual attention required. Instead, it is best to choose a provider that communicates with you regularly because they will better understand your unique needs and how to help you.

5. Backup

To avoid a terrible hassle, it is important to have an adequate backup for your VPS. Depending on the provider, an example of a backup solution may be that you can create an image of your VPS. By creating an image, you will be able to clone or restore the server if something should happen.

When getting your own VPS, these 5 essential features your VPS must have in 2013 will help make the workload easier. You will just need to weigh your needs with the cost to get the most out of your VPS and provider.


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