Top iPhone Apps That Make Parenting Easier

Smartphone features which looked like, as this can only happen in science fiction movies are becoming reality. Due to the current increase in technology, people are busier in their personal life. If we take a closer look at the situation, children are more affected than any other age group. This has led to some serious concern to their parents. Their children are not listening to them not doing or joining social gatherings of their family. They are always busy in their smartphones. Only God knows what they are doing with that device. However, there are some iPhone apps which help parents to sneak peek into their child’s activity. With these iPhone apps they can easily put their nose into their child’s matter without even being noticed.

1. StealthGenie

Stealth genie is a parental control app which runs without being noticed into the system. User of the phone will be indifferent with it. As if it’s not installed in the system it’s actually the default operating system. It has got some amazing features and it’s easy to use as well. You can easily log into your child’s email and social media accounts and into SMS log. Look at the pictures, movies and clips stored and taken from it. Record all the vocal conversations made through it, even when the phone is switched. Stealth genie has introduced an amazing new feature called “geo-fencing”, it easily tracks where your child is by one’s GPS location. Travel history, travel routes and even when your child is entering a prohibited are, you will be informed of it.  All you have to do is download it into your child’s iPhone and monitor via an internet account, by following some easy instructions.

2. PhoneSheriff

PhoneSheriff is the next generation iPhone parental control app for mobile phones it provides you the ability to filter your child’s activities, if your child is indulged in sexting and cyber bulling it will easily tell you. After the quick and easy process of installation you are capable to setup specific restrictions for phone numbers, adult content websites and time period for phone usage, app also allows you to read all the sent and received messages and emails via your internet account provided with the app. It also comes with a tracker, which will help you to monitor where your child is going by his GPS location.

3. MobileMonitor

Mobile monitor is another parental control app which runs in the background. If you have a clue that your child is doing sexting, viewing adult content and bunking the school then Mobile Monitor is the app you are looking for. Through the online account provided with the app you can easily see and view all the contents which were transferred to and from the smart phone like texts, snaps, audio and video files. Log in to email and social networking account by just a click from your secured online account. Call history, internet browsing history and travel routes can also be viewed. You can also check whether your children are actually attending the school or were they in a pub or bar.

4. Phoggi

Phoggi is another parenting app for iPhone. It’s invisible, one can’t identify whether is he being spied upon. Is your son talking with someone all the night? Or is your daughter texting too much? Then Phoggi is the app of your dreams. You can easily view all the record which is stored in the phone from your online account. It even gives 24/7 customer support, if you do not understand something or if you are having a problem just dial them. Its features include tracking GPS location, viewing SMS log, logging in email and social media account. You can even check all the appointments, call history and internet history.


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