Hottest PSP Games for Serious Gamers

The PSP has been around for about eight years now and in that time it has released a number of highly praised games. The PSP was smart to provide serious gamers with some top flight serious games to sink their teeth into, so let us take a look at the top five games on the PSP for the hardcore gamers out there in the know.

Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles

Based on an old Japanese Castlevania game that never made it out of production, The Dracula X Chronicles proves that some games simply work better when you do not try to update them too much. More recent Castlevania releases, with 3D modes and advanced game engines were a little disappointing, but this game is a really pleasant surprise.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Yet another awesome entry into the GTA series, this portable version is a perfect way to get your fix wherever you are. This version is an extension of the Vice City game and once again places you in the middle of the 80s.You know exactly what you are getting with these games – and it is always endless fun. Packed with great tunes, tons of fun missions and plenty of flashy cars, this is GTA at its peak.

Mega Man: Powered Up

This is a classy re-boot of a classic game that long-time gamers will need no introduction to. Based on the old SNES game, this has all the fun and addictive nature of the original, but with a clean, sparkly new paint job and extra fun modes. There are other Mega Man games on the PSP but for my money this one is the best. If you fancy swapping up it is pretty easy to make money on your old PSP games by selling them online and then use that to get hold of Powered Up. It is well worth the effort. Old school gaming fans will lose hours playing this.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy

One of the best Japanese Role Playing Games you will find on any system anywhere. This keeps true to the Final Fantasy series better than most of the other recent additions, creating a thrilling universe that sticks to the roots of the franchise. Each fighter has a distinctly different fighting style and every location you visit is beautifully crafted, making for an exhilarating combat situation. This game will make fans of the series incredibly happy.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Maker

Perhaps the most versatile game on the PSP, this release gives you hours and hours of interesting game-play options. Not only did this game keep up the high standards of the Metal Gear series, but many fans hail it as one of the very best of the bunch. Great in various single player modes and exceptional in multi-player, Peace Maker is a top game by any console’s standards. The usual high attention to detail throughout makes this a straight up classic.

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