The Advantages of Advertising on TV

The best advertising agencies will agree that advertising on TV is a great way to get your brand in front of tens of thousands of people at a time that are part of your target audience. Commercials play a critical role in helping both small businesses, and large corporations spread the word about their products. The benefits of advertising on TV primarily deal with the fact that, for the most part, consumers has to sit through commercials, as opposed to other forms of advertisement which they can effectively block out. This means that, more than likely, the viewer is going to see your advertisement.

Advantages of TV advertising include:

  • Placement – You can decide what time or during what program you want your advertisement to air.
  • Creative Capacity – With a commercial, even a 15 second slot, you have the ability to be very creative in your message in order to capture the attention of the viewers.
  • Mass Exposure – Depending on the placement, you can potentially reach millions of viewers at once.

Advertising Placements

The chance to get your ad in front of the kind of people who you feel would most turn into customers is one of the best things about TV advertising. Since other kinds of ads can be tuned out or reach beyond your target audience, you can be sure that you are delivering your message to your target demographic. A local bridal shop may see extremely positive results by placing their ads during a show about brides or weddings. The same bridal shop may not see any jump in business at all if the ad is played during a hockey game.

Creative Capacity

Many different types of ads limit you in what you can do, either by forcing you to squeeze your message into a few words, as with CPC ads, or in one picture, like with display advertising. With a TV commercial, you are given anywhere from 15 seconds to 2 minutes to convey your message in such a way that you can completely let people know what your business is about and why they need it.

The style of ads can be varied with TV commercials as well. Comedy and action in an advertisement may play well to a young adult crowd, while serious tones and personal dialogue actors might work better for an older target audience. This is something that you usually do not see on the internet, since there are much more stringent technical limitations on what you can do online.

Mass Exposure

Using TV advertisements can help you with both conversion marketing, and branding. The sheer number of people who see your ad will guarantee that at least some of them will think about your business, as opposed to not seeing the ad and having no idea what your business is. An ad on TV is also very hard to ignore. While some people will use the time during commercials to change channels or leave the room, many of them will keep watching since they know it is only a few minutes until the show is back on. In this way, you get viewers who do not have the option of skipping your ad, or using software to block it completely.

TV advertisements can work with almost any sized budget, especially for local businesses just looking to advertise in the area. The narrow targeting you can achieve, along with the ability to convey your message in a way that you want to makes TV advertising a very attractive option.

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