PC vs. Mobile: Which is better for online games?

The interactive nature of online games gives players an opportunity of enjoying immersive action figures and creative storylines, these electronic works of art have a unique way of capturing the users’ imaginations. In the past, one could only access these products through a PC, but times have changed and it is now possible to play them through mobile devices.

PC Gaming

Many people enjoy playing 1st person shooter or FPS games like ‘Duty Call’ using controller analogue joysticks, however the diehard fans still find it interesting to use mouse and keyboard. Moreover, strategy games like StarCraft II can only be played on PC platforms and not console controls.


  1. In most games far easier to play with a keyboard
  2. Secondary displays intensify peripheral vision and improve immersion effects. They are a better option to alt tabbing.
  3. Better game bragging rights for players who manage to build or modify their rigs.
  4. Wholesome keyboard input features have made it easier for gamers to enjoy live chat conversations with others streaming through the same platform.

Mobile gaming

The main benefit of these products is that they are portable and can be carried within the pocket. Moreover, they have simple control features that the user can grasp with ease. Popular games such as Infinity Blade and Mine Craft are much more suited for mobile phones than computers. Nothing beats the feeling of accessing your favorite games from any place of your choice. Other benefits of mobile games include:

  1. Touch-screen digital technology has prompted the creation of cool and interactive image quality
  2. Wholesome wireless gaming controls are presently being produced for smart-phones
  3. Most smart-phones don’t have buttons thus players would feel less fidgety

Though both of these platforms have their own positive aspects, it’s still better to use PCs since they have a bigger screen that helps to reduce strain. Still many online gamer prefer to play on the PC. For example, this casino site www.newlivecasinos.com gets a lot more traffic from any mobile casino sites.

Probably it will take several years before the gamers leave the PC and play only on their mobile.

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