Top 8 Reasons Why Cell Phone Insurance is Worth the Money

Many people feel that cell phone insurance is just not worth the money. They feel that if one is careful with their phones and watchful about theft, it should be good enough. Check out our reasons for why cell phone insurance is worth the money, and the effort.

You Save A Lot of Money

Most carriers offer a call plan for 12 to 24 months. The plan usually covers the cost of your phone as well (fairly subsidized, in most cases). If you were to lose your phone within the first few months, you cannot ask your carrier to supply a new one. You’ll have to pay the full price for a new device, if you’re not insured.

Extended Warranty

Your manufacturer offers a limited warranty on your phone, after which you’re not covered for repairs and maintenance. An insurance policy with extended warranty will ensure that your phone is protected, and all repairs are covered under the warranty. You can sign up for manufacturer’s extended warranty, but that will cost you a lot more.

You Can Be Stress Free

No matter how careful you are, there’s no supposing that accidents won’t happen. So what if you drop your expensive phone into the toilet, or on a hard floor? Ordinarily, you’d be helpless; with insurance, you’ll be protected.

Full Coverage

Your existing home or credit card insurance may cover your phone also. However, not all models of expensive phones are covered by other insurance plans. You need the safety factor of knowing your phone is covered, which only mobile phone insurance can offer you.

Group Insurance

If it’s just your phone, you might be able to guarantee its safety. However, if you’ve multiple cell phones in your family, you cannot assure that they’ll not get damaged or stolen. Just imagine the repeated investments you have to undertake replacing lost and damaged phones. Insurance is the answer.

Identity Theft

Many insurers such as Ensquared offer protection against identity theft, along with sophisticated tracking assistance in the event of theft. A good cell phone insurance company can help you to delete data remotely and even trigger remote alerts. There are many advantages to tying up with such an insurance company, and be relieved of anxiety and inconvenience.

International Coverage

Imagine losing your phone when you’re overseas. If you’re a frequent traveler, there’s no way you can watch your cell phone all the time. There are definitely greater chances of theft and damage. An insurer such as Ensquared ( can offer you international coverage, freeing you of worry, so that you can travel in peace.

Reduced Liability

When your expensive cell phone is not insured, you’re liable for a whole bunch of additional costs. Your carrier will not do anything about your broken screen, so you’ll have to buy an expensive original screen on your own. If your keyboard or touch features are not working, that cost is on you too. Remember, manufacturer’s warranty offers limited replacement features. Adequate cell phone insurance is the only way to protect your expensive phone.

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