Robotics: Revolutionizing the World Today and Tomorrow!

We people have heard many a time that there will be a day, when robots will rule the world. Well, the future is not decided yet and today we can’t decide that the important invention of the science will be unsafe or not! The high performance discoveries of Robotics Engineering have always been the curiosity of beings. Today, the scientists of the various labs are concentrating to develop a scheme that have the power of creating top-notch machines and robots are one of them.

Let’s start with the question: What is a robot? For the people, who have not much connection with the Robotics will answer that robot is a machine, which looks like a human that they have seen in various silver screen flicks. For them, robot is still a science fiction. In reality, there is no standard definition of ‘robots’. Generally, it is a machine, which does boring, dangerous and sometime nasty works.

In simple language, we can say that Robot is a machine, which contains control systems, sensors, wires and software that are merged together to develop an apparatus, which characterize it that what is must be and what it is! On the other side, Robotics Engineering is the combination of designing, manufacturing, development, testing and maintenance of a robot. It contains subjects like Electrical Engineering, Physics, Mechanical Engineering, computing and mathematics.

Now come to the evolution of robotics! There are two phases of the robot world. In the first sections, there are the machines, which performance various types of tasks but do not interact with the real world. These types of apparatus works behind the scene! On the other side, the second phase of the evolution describes the other types of robots, which perform the tasks of recognizing objects and doing various types of activities that are related to the real world. They have a strong bond with the human beings.

There is technique, which is a newest in the science world and that is called as ‘Swarm Robotics’. The system makes a co-ordination between a numbers of robots. The main motive of the approach is to study the physical and the internal behavior of the robots. It reduces the complication about the two machines and let a single person to handle multi-robots.

Students from the best engineering colleges are showing their interest in the arena and their aim is taking the engrossing process of creating new inventions to the peak. The discoveries, which were fantasies several years ago, now, are in the service of people and helping them various kinds of works. All the credit goes to the scientists and students, which have shown their deep interest in the arena. They have made a relation between a robot and human.

This is the present of Robotics and now let’s discuss about the future of the sector. There was a time in the history, when only Japan used the robotics techniques to make little robots or toys. But, now every nation and its scientist are trying hard to invent the machines that are beyond the fantasy. There will be no surprise, if in future; we see a robot serving tea or welcoming the guests. Scientists from USA, UK and India are available with various kinds of concepts that may shock the world with their inventions.

On seeing the present situation, it is not wrong to say: the future is now! The robots from the fantasy are the parts of our daily routines. In the sectors of manufacturing, military, healthcare, the advance automatons are assisting the humans in various dangerous tasks.

Earlier, we have seen Bill Gates, Chairman of Microsoft, talking about Robotics. According to him, today’s machines do not have a common operating systems and lacks in standardization. In his words, sooner in the future, Microsoft will come up with the common standard for all kinds of robots.

Today’s need is showing that there are lots of things to do in the sector of Robotics and automation. The people related to the arena have done several inventions, but still there are challenges years ahead. There are several questions regarding economy of the sector and the impact of interaction between machines and human. It means that the students with the degrees of Robotics Engineering will have the greatest opportunities to make bright futures.

After seeing the remarkable change in the robotic world and the predictions that are yet to release, we can say that the arena has proved that it can do the impossible. Hope that the brainchild of the man will wonder the world with several other inventions and expectantly will not overpower its own makers. To keep the discoveries under control, human has to create a line between him and machines, so that the best can be produced by the two.    


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