Bitdefender Internet Security

Bitdefender Internet Security has been leading the internet security market for many years now.  The latest edition of the Bitdefender Internet Security promises to be even stronger. It has always topped almost every review for years. Bitdefender Internet Security ensures that superior security is ensured for every data of yours. Bitdefender Photon™ makes it extremely fast with non-intrusive characteristics.

In this digital age when almost every important transaction is done online, it is critically important that you do it in an extremely secure way. Even though major transaction websites promise to offer safe transaction, these websites often fall prey to highly skilled hackers. This means that your hard earned money may just disappear. Bitdefender Internet Security works meticulously on guarding every online transaction of yours. It also protects the digital identity which happens to be one of the most significant aspects of online transaction.

Bitdefender Antivirus has always provided great programs that allow you to supervise what your children do online without being intrusive. Their antivirus software reveals the website your children go to and the kind of activities they do there. Bitdefender Internet Security restricts your children whenever it is necessary to just like you who would have done it, had you been present there. On the other hand, it is not possible for you to sit beside them and monitor them all the time. They may even find it intrusive and humiliating. When online bullying and harassment to children is on its rise, Bitdefender Internet Security protects your children from unnecessary hazard like a parent.

Bitdefender Internet Security protects your home-based or office-based internet connection along with the firewall. This is the ultimate security system you can ever imagine to have. PCMAG describes Bitdefender Internet Security as “the best” among every other security system present at the moment. The magazine also appreciates its magnificent phishing protection along with its high level accuracy of spam filtering.

Bitdefender Internet Security 2014 performs at its best when it manages your passwords. On a general level, you tend to have multiple passwords for different purposes. Bitdefender Internet Security manages each of them securely. It also secures the browser you are using while resisting from direct attack. One interesting aspect of Bitdefender Internet Security is that it also monitors your activities on Facebook which has become an integral part of every net savvy person these days.

The most endearing thing about Bitdefender Internet Security is that it does not bother the user with alerts and queries all the time. The autopilot mode in Bitdefender Internet Security works admirably while minimizing user interaction. Bitdefender Internet Security is the best you can get for the value of your hard earned money. When you install Bitdefender Internet Security on your computer, you should not ponder over the security of the same any more as Bitdefender Internet Security does it all for you.

Bitdefender Internet Security, which was previously available for $104.95 is now available for $69.95, which means that the price is slashed for more than 30 per cent. This is the price for the service of Bitdefender Internet Security in up to three pcs for one year.

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