How Do You Manage Your Projects?

There are several online project tools available on internet however not all the tools are going to help you in managing your projects. Some tools may have lots of features but they me be difficult to operate and some tools may be easy to operate but will lack the important features.

So to get a tool that is easy to operate and yet have all the important features, will require you some research and extra spending. I have found a project management tool that is very easy to operate and contain all the important and useful features that you will need for your organization.

The tool I am talking about is Project Manager which was developed by 4 guys and later the size of the organization grew to 25 employees. They have now customers in more than 100 countries. It clearly shows that people are loving it.Project-Manager

The Project Manager Tool has a very user-friendly and feature rich DashBoard where you can easily see the graphical representation of all the current projects. It allows you to create multiple DashBoards to manage your different projects with ease.

Task Planner is another great feature of the tool which allows you to plan for your projects and assign resources to it. You can set a start date, end date, resources to be utilized, persons responsible to manage the tasks and schedule from inside the Task Planner area.

Project Manager provides you with Intelligent Reporting panel that shows you the overall status of the projects currently running. The resources utilized, health of the projects, any issues in a task or any other aspects can been seen in the reporting area.

There is a Manage Team option which allows you to assign different tasks and projects to specific team with certain resources and budget. Further more you can view the current utilization of resources and budget in real time.

Track Result is another very important panel of the tool that shows you whether a project in on the right track or there is any issue. With a glance you can view the status of all your running projects and can find the key areas.

If there is any issue in a project OR you need to discuss something with the team that is responsible for a particular project, then you don’t need to contact them on phone, email or any other communication medium. Instead you can use the built-in Collaboration Online panel to discuss with your team in real time OR start a discussion threat to discuss the overall performance of task with different teams.

There are several other features inside Project Manager that will ease your project management and save you time and budget. For any organization or business that wants to grow its productivity, this tool seems the best and suitable option.

You can signup here to get the tool and start managing your projects with ease.

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