How To Create The Most Amazing Games Room You’ve Ever Seen

Love video games? Find you can’t wait to get home from work to switch on the Xbox and start blasting people away on Call of Duty or Halo? Then like any hobby this activity deserves your indulgence so that you can do more of what you love, and that might building your games room – a veritable shrine to your computer games where you can really immerse yourself in the gameplay and get more from the hobby you love.

Here we will look at some of the things that the ultimate games room needs and that you should consider investing in to make the most of your space. This will be the place to play games, and you might just find that it’s also something of your ‘happy place’ in general&hellip.

The Space

Before you begin, your first task is to find a space that will become your games room. This room doesn’t need to be too big, but ideally it should be a bit detached from the rest of the house so that you can get your privacy and so you can focus on enjoying your consoles. A great example of a space to enjoy your games would be a basement. Down here you would get quiet, you would get space and you would be able to go ‘full geek’ without worrying about guests stumbling over it. Alternatively, you could consider using a home addition and adding a room for your games at the back of the house.

The Experience

Now of course the main feature in a games room is going to be the games, and for that you need to ensure that you have the best possible picture, sound and game console. The games console is your choice of course; though you might want to have more than one – a true games room will have a few retro consoles in there for good measure, so see if you can hunt down a Megadrive or NES to go next to your Xbox360/PS3.

The picture quality is now what’s going to really set the standard, so try to find the biggest, most high definition (think 4k – it will be supported soon), 3D, flat screen TV you can find. This is the brilliance of having a room dedicated to games – no one can tell you to get rid of it because it looks ugly.

Sound is equally crucial for helping you to feel properly immersed in the experience, so get yourself a great surround sound system that will let you hear the bullets whizzing past and then arrange the speakers to put yourself right in the action. To make the most from these, make sure that you think about where your seat is in relation to the speakers so that you really are in the thick of it.

The Seating

To really enjoy spending lots of time here, you need to think about your seating arrangement and make sure that you are completely comfortable when you are in the control seat. A reclining leather arm chair of some sort with speakers in the headrest and beer in the back is the kind of thing I’m talking about. Note though as well that you’re also going to need seats for when you have guests round for multiplayer sessions – so think about buying some beanbags and leaving them around the room as well.


Now to add the finishing touches you’ll want to decorate the room to become a real homage to everything ‘games’. A great feature here would be to see if you can find an old arcade machine to put in your room which will give it more of a vintage feeling. Likewise you could also add to the theme by using a collection of figurines from computer games (pick your favorite franchise, type it into eBay… wait to geek out) or by using posters and banner stands use to promote the game (try asking in your local game store and they’ll usually have some left over).

The real decoration though in a true games room should be the games themselves. If you build an impressive enough selection you can fill a bookcase with them or a glass cabinet. Add some lighting, and then wait to get served by your wife’s divorce lawyer&hellip.

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