5 Android Apps that will Make Your Office Move a Breeze

Moving your office can be one hell of a task. Right from packing to moving, to arranging for transport, equipment, expenses, and what not, there can be literally hundreds of daunting tasks for you to get cracking with. However, thanks to the wonders of technology, your office move won’t be a daunting task anymore. What follows is a list of 5 apps that will take the stress out of your office moving process.

My Move

If you’re looking for a bunch of nifty apps to help you with your office move, My Move is a great place to start with. My Move is a comprehensive app that takes care of almost all your moving and relocation needs. The app covers all possible aspects related to your move such as finding reliable movers near you, looking up moving companies, looking up moving license information and so on. It provides you with a thorough checklist for steps to be taken before and after the move, so that the whole moving process remains as systematic and organized as possible. Furthermore, with the help of this app you can read reviews of moving companies, as well as testimonials, complaints, and consumer reports. There’s more – the app even gives you free moving quotes, a moving distance calculator, moving tips, car shipping and transport estimates, and so on.


If you’re looking to relocate, store goods, or arrange a move for your office employees, MoveMatch is the app for you. It is a powerful and transparent app which allows both professionals and non-professionals to calculate the volume or weight of household items. It allows you to do a survey yourself and forward the survey or pictures to movers, insurance companies, forwarders, partners, a back office, and so on. You can find and navigate to any professional removal company from the list at origin and destination with the help of Google Maps. Besides, you can also get the remover to communicate with you internally regarding packing materials, requesting destination rates, and so on. Take photographs of fragile items for insurance or packing purposes. All these aspects help in maintaining the transparency and building the trust in your selected movers or relocation agent.

Moving Planner

Finding your office move and the whole relocation business too chaotic and stressful? You have so many items to move that you don’t know where to start with? If yes, Moving Planner is one smashing app that can take out a major chunk of confusion from your move, thereby making you move organized and stress-free. The app is armed with a pre-determined list of over 200 generic house moving related items. Proving to be the ultimate checklist for your move, the app even allows creating or customizing your own list by importing from the factory list. So essentially, within a matter of minutes you can have your personal list ready, as you go about checking items from the list as you pack them.


Need an efficient and reliable platform to save all your moving related notes and information? Is yes, look no further than Evernote. Evernote is easily one of the best apps available out there that can take care of all your notes, documents, and other information. Allowing users to speak out or type out notes, Evernote will organize all your important documents in one place, making sure that you don’t forget things. Right from information on your moving company to details about your agent, to your to-do list, your packing checklist, images, notes, office documents, audio notes, any information from the web related to your move and what not, Evernote is the place to store it. Being a cloud platform, you can sync and manage all this information across all your devices, helping you to be all the more productive with your move.


Whether you have moved your office to another area in the same city or even if you’ve moved to a new city altogether, GasBuddy is one remarkable app that will come in extremely handy. Whatever new area or city you have moved to; chances are that you know very little about your surroundings, especially the location of gas stations around your vicinity. This is where GasBuddy comes in handy. GasBuddy is a nifty app that locates for you gas stations around your area that can fetch you the cheapest fuel. It uses GPS or your pin code to get a hold on your location and then locates the nearest gas stations from you having the cheapest fuel price. The all also allows you to compare rates, and moreover, this is a community driven app whereby users can enter the latest fuel rates in their area. After all that money you’ll be shelling out paying the movers and what not, it would certainly help if you could save some money on fuel, right?

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