PlayStation 3 Console Shopping Tips

Now that the console PlayStation 3 is about to be replaced in the main focus of leadership for PlayStation 4 is good to keep in mind a few tips that will allow us to know what is best for us in relation to the acquisition of the console. This factor, generational change, is essential if we are planning to buy PlayStation 3, although there are others that are also valuable tips.

Watch the prices

At this point it is difficult to find just a ps3 consoles model when we visited the shops and the funny thing is that two distinct can have the same price, but have very different characteristics. Once the sale has been extended several packs with varied specifications and not be controlled by the manufacturer prices, the chances to find in stores are different. For example, we could see a 500GB PlayStation 3 game included for the same price that a PlayStation 3 console with 120GB hard drive only and no games.

One aspect that we first have to look at is what the PlayStation 3 console model that we are selling. If we go to a specialty store or a large surface is easy to see how the models for sale are the most recent, the most modern and stylish. But if perhaps staff visited a store or a place where you do not have a good management of stocks, you may still have the old versions, those considered fat. In any case, it is always advisable to buy the newer model unless we are interested some of the functions that were removed over time, such as the ability to play games from previous consoles PlayStation range.

PlayStation 3: The price and providing

The price does not just have to take into account the model of the console, but if you incorporate some kind of gift. While the sector has never been much given to making gifts in recent years, many of the special packages available for PlayStation 3 include at least one set thinking about the audience you will be directed to the console. There are packs with childish play, others with play action and violence or driving or sports, the options are numerous. There are some cases in which the addition of the game implies a price increase compared to the version without game, so it is not interested in acquiring us until we are absolutely certain that is positive for us. BIG W Australia could be your best choice for buying gaming console at low price in Australia. They are very trusted with their product quality and price.

PlayStation 3: Choosing models

There PlayStation 3 consoles from the most varied hard drive capacities. They have been in 40GB, 60GB, 120GB, 320GB or 500GB said. The best hard drive has more digital games can accumulate. The disk space is also a good way to store you download playable demos from the console environment. These trial versions are a good shelter if we decided to buy the console without games and we have nothing with which to entertain. On the other hand, is a good way to see how the machine works?

It is possible that if we buy a PlayStation 3 might interest us second-hand model, at least if you plan to actively use the console, but only until we can have a PlayStation 4. In doing so it is possible that we save a lot of money, but we have to be as careful as possible so that no pig in a poke us with a console that does not function properly. It is something that can happen, since the components of PlayStation 3, as any other modern console, can burn or wear with use. In these cases it can be very expensive cheap.

One thought on “PlayStation 3 Console Shopping Tips

  1. If something like the GameKlip takes off (connects PS3 controller to phones) I could see iPad/tablets/phones making a much bigger impact in gaming.

    Sony makes an Android phone and the market is dominated by Samsung. If they were smart they would get behind something like the GameKlip as an official accessory for their Android phones. Even if it didn’t draw much in terms of profits it would be a huge marketing win and would maybe encourage more Android games to take advantage of a physical controller.

    Sure it would compete with their own Vita but Android/iOS is going to compete with Vita with or without Sony’s help so they might as well sell people a $45 PS3 controller and $15 GameKlip with their Sony phones. They might even be able to sell sell a couple Android games in the process.