Some Crucial Skills for All Web Entrepreneurs to Learn

If you run a website or blog, sell SEO services or web design, or code for a living, then you are a web-entrepreneur. That’s someone who runs their own business from home while working on the net and who uses a knowledge of technology to earn their living. Be proud, not only are you an entrepreneur, but you are also a forward-thinking pioneer. Quite literally, the job you are doing today wouldn’t have existed ten years ago which really makes it rather remarkable that you’re doing it at all.

But while you should be proud, that doesn’t mean you should be complacent and you certainly shouldn’t rest on your laurels. You see there is always room for improvement, always the possibility of expansion, and just tons of ways you can develop yourself and your trade further. Even if you don’t see a use for the skills right now, there are plenty of things you could learn that would allow you to improve your productivity, improve your service or just generally do an even better job than you already are.

So what kind of skills am I talking about? Read on and see how a little work can take your business to the next level, increase your profits and make you even more of a pioneer.

3D Modelling:

3D modelling is a very specific skill that few people have, and that’s what makes it such a highly useful thing to be able to do. Not only can you sell this as a service alongside any writing, coding, web design or other skills, but you can also use 3D modelling as a way to add to your own creations. Want to create a 3D looking logo for your website? Or an animated opener for your YouTube videos? Or characters for your 3D computer games? Then 3D modelling is the skill you need.

There are several ways you can make this skill a little easier to learn too. One of them is to invest in a 3D scanner which you can then use to scan real models into your programs for manipulation. This means that a skill in clay sculpting can become a skill in 3D modelling.

Music Composition:

There are countless scenarios where creating digital media requires a soundtrack or sound effects. Of course computer games are the most obvious examples, but even websites and videos need them from time to time. If you have a piece of software that can make professional sounding instrumental music and you can learn it well, you’ll find that that yields a lot of work for you and adds more gloss to your own products.


If you can’t code then this is something you absolutely should look into. Learning to program essentially gives you power – allowing you to write routines that do your work for you in a fraction of the time and far more efficiently, or to add features to your own products with only your imagination as the limit. At the same time this is a skill that’s highly in demand and that can help you to understand the software you use and even to fix technical issues.


Whether for writing content on a website, or just e-mailing clients, communication skills will make all the difference. When you contact someone to do business, they will instantly judge you based on how professional your e-mail is. If you sound like English is your second language, or if you include lots of misspellings and mistakes, then they will likely simply delete the message and not get back to you.


If you have launched yourself into online business without taking the time to learn anything about business, then you are probably currently working too hard for too little money. Learning the basics of business will help you deal with clients in a more professional manner (and understand their lingo), it will help you to monetize your website and to market your products and generally it will help you to grow your company to whatever point you want it to get to.

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