6080 Black Bluetooth Wireless Optical Mouse

There are a number of wireless mouse available into the marketplace which requires a USB receiver to provide the output. But 6080 Black Bluetooth Wireless Optical mouse stands different from this category as it works brilliantly with its Bluetooth 3.0 version. It is not like other regular wireless mouse as the grip and design of this optical mouse is extremely good. The device is available in Black color and shipping weight of this mouse is just 0.08 kg. Dimensions are 9.8*6.2*4.1 cm. It has a plastic body.


Rapoo is using the newest technology to save energy. It can work without power disruption for up to 6 months. This mouse has a smooth cursor control and it is a highly responsive mouse. Therefore if you have Bluetooth facility in your computer and works with minimum Windows XP then you can use this mouse comfortably. If you have Mac then the minimum requirement is Mac OSX10.4. This mouse has 1000 dpi HD tracking engine. It is one of the key reasons due to which this mouse is highly responsive. It is easy to control cursor while doing the work. You can get 2xAA battery here. It has a simple setup and thus can be considered as user-friendly.

Overall finish of complete mouse including left click button as well as right click button is superb. It has a nice grip. Another important point is scroll. It is much better than any other model of similar range. It works efficiently and you can also use click through this scroll. Your hands can stay in a comfortable position while using this device especially your thumb, ring finger and little finger.

This mouse of this device is not like other available options. Side grooves make it special. High dpi tracking and easy connectivity are valuable for the users. The complete size is compact and comfortable. Appearance of this mouse is highly gorgeous. Get this device from www.handgiftbox.com. The price is economical and the available offers can give you an excellent deal. Here you can get the best deal in shipping.

You can receive your product within the specified time. There are different payment options like PayPal, credit card, and bank account. If you have any question about the product then you can discuss it easily through this website. Moreover you can submit your reviews anytime.  So do not forget to check this mouse here. Black is the most preferred color while purchasing this device. You can get this mouse in Black color. Therefore purchase 6080 Black Bluetooth wireless optical mouse. You may not feel the need to purchase another mouse for a long time.

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