Empowering Institutions with Visual-Based Technology

In today’s dynamic world, practical knowledge has become an inevitable part of the education system.

It’s been observed that students cram things with a view to just-clear the exams. The students’ learning and understanding of the academic concepts were eloped long ago. Internet accessibility constitutes one of the major reasons for the same where students get to know about the stories on billionaires with no educational degrees. Thus, the learning ability of students gets affected drastically!

Many big business houses are facing the issue of skilled Human Resources world-wide. Students have been beguiled by a few billionaires having no education background but they need to understand the reason behind the success of their career. Deep knowledge and outstanding skills make them outshine among the counterparts!

It is the education system which is chiefly responsible for penetrating such terrible thoughts in students. The need of the hour is to incorporate an efficient and standardized level of teaching processes in institutions that impart quality knowledge to students making them future leaders.

DragonFly Education serves as an optimal answer to such increasing issues. It is a company that has come up with a brilliant digital learning solution for different engineering institutes. Dragonfly MasterClass engenders knowledge through the right use of advanced and multi-media technology. It is designed by the company with an aim to provide effective teaching with innovative use of animation technology. Eventually, it increases the Learn-Ability quotient of institutions which contributes significantly in raising the educational standards of the nation.

Another exciting feature of the courseware is that it is mapped by the university syllabus. The topics for each and every subject are transformed and displayed into animated educational videos. The entire courseware is well-planned structurally. The professors need not to spare any extra time on planning the lectures as it is already been set in the software. The 360 degree-program consists of the E-Campus, E-assessment and E-Community for the impeccable execution of digital learning.

The videos’ involving catchy yet self-explanatory content makes the online education much more exciting and hassle-free. Real-life examples are well-displayed through virtual classrooms. It helps the students to better understand and grasp the topics, since it is proved that what you see is what you learn! Now, the otherwise termed boring and dull classes are being converted into interesting high-tech DragonFly master classes.

DragonFly acts as a hub of virtual learning that even extends assessment aids to professors or teaching staff. After finishing off with a lecture, an assessment quiz is present which can be conducted by the teacher in class. The software also has a feature that contains a specified format what enables the teachers to prepare the examination papers handily.

Another fascinating characteristic of the software is E-community which aids community learning. The students are also provided the access to the MasterClass syllabus where they can revise the courseware and discuss with their community members. Online tests are also there to check the student’s practice and efficiency.

Indeed, Classroom studying is a passé with an advent of digital learning!


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