Why Cheating in Mobile Games Doesn’t Just Make Sense – It’s A MUST!

Cheating mobile games is something most gamers do. It is not really considered as a taboo but more of a self-imposed restriction as they can degrade the enjoyment of playing a game. Using cheats to proceed to the next level or to beat difficult adversaries in a game can spoil the fun. However, cheating can be useful for a number of players.

So how do you possibly justify cheating on mobile games? The following reasons should take some of the guilt away:

  • Cheating keeps you from spending or overspending for purchasable game items. Some games are just too difficult that players end up shelling out some bucks just to get through.
  • Cheating addresses the frustration of dealing with extremely difficult levels, rounds, or AI opponents. It can help prevent players from completely leaving the game.
  • Cheating can possibly enhance the gaming experience by letting players explore more possibilities in the game.

If you intend to cheat on your current mobile game fixation, consider doing the following to avoid taking away the fun of gaming.

1. Cheat only when you’ve already run out of options except to buy more lives or items.

There are games with which cheating indeed takes away the challenge and fun of playing. When playing Megapolis on Facebook, for example, using the cheats featured on http://megapolischeats.org/ can spoil the enjoyment. As much as possible, limit your cheats to the amount of money and megabucks you need to jumpstart essential construction projects.

Avoid using the cheats to their maximum capacities. They will just defeat the thrill of playing a game with all its given constraints or limitations. It may be justifiable to cheat if you are new to the game and you want to catch up with friends who have already started building their cities for quite some time. Just don’t cheat in almost every level of the game you are playing.

If you are playing mobile games by your lonesome, you may also resort to cheats. Many games, especially those on social media, put up schemes of letting players get more points or lives by asking for them from other players or by spreading information about the game to non-players on social media. If you have no intentions of changing your social averseness just to play a game, then you cheats as you deem it necessary.

2. Cheat to do the equivalent of “state saving.”

There are some games designed to really frustrate players.  For example, there are multi-level games that bring you  back to the first level after you die or fail to clear the higher levels. There are also those that obliterate your accumulated coins or points after you die in a higher level or challenge in the game. For these types of games, it will definitely be helpful to have a way to save a state or instantly proceed to a desired level through a cheat code.

3. Cheat to explore new possibilities in the game

If you have already completed all stages of a game, you may want to do the game all over again to enjoy certain parts. For many “honest” players, going through the different game levels could be a matter of erudite cautiousness, to the point that the tension overpowers the excitement. It could be a great idea to go back and enjoy playing the game in a more laid back manner.

Of course, you don’t want to go through the tedious process of completing tasks or accumulating points to proceed. This is when cheating can be justified. You may have the option to hop from one level to another or the instantly possess vast amounts of resources (in cases of city building games) to be able to do what you want to do more freely.

Take the time to explore routes you have not traversed. Chase special items or accomplish tasks you may have missed because of time limits. Enjoy the game with a new perspective with the help of cheat codes or other methods of bypassing the rules of a game.

Cheating mobile games is not something you can completely dismiss as a spoiler. You can make use of cheats to help you enjoy the game better. Just be sure to use them in moderation.


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