The 3 Safest Mobile Game Cheating Methods

Cheating on mobile games appears to be commonplace. It is something almost every casual player does. It provides the chance to clear a level or round without having to succumb to the monetization schemes of certain games. However, it is important to be cautious when doing cheats. Cheats can ruin your gaming experience or even affect the software of the mobile device you use for gaming.

For instance, cheating with the use of hacking tools (downloaded and installed) can introduce viruses to your smartphone or tablet computer. There are also cheats in some games that yield irreversible effects. You have to be careful in what you use to make sure there are no unwanted consequences.

The following are some of the popular cheats that will unlikely cause problems or undesirable results.

1. The Time Cheat

Incredibly, this cheat works with most new games for iOS and Android devices. It’s a simple cheat aimed at tricking the game’s system in determining elapsed time. All that needs to be done is to force close the game or simply let the game run in the background to go to the “Settings” and modify the time. It could be by advancing the time or delaying it.

This cheat makes the game progress faster, restocks or re-spawns essential objects needed in the game, or speeds up the growth or development of tasks. It is one of the most reliable Coin Dozer cheats available. This cheat also works for a number of games including Plants vs Zombies.

What makes this cheat safe is that it does not require rooting (for Android devices) or jailbreaking. It works without having to tinker with a device’s software. It does not need the installation of any software or utility. It is a straightforward cheat that is unlikely to cause problems. You just have to remember setting your time back to normal after playing your game, as the time change can make notifications and apps function erratically.

2. Using Tutorials or Guides on Clearing Levels or Solving Puzzles

If you find it difficult to beat an opponent in a certain level or round of a game, you always have the option to look for guides or walkthroughs on how to hurdle the challenge. If you can’t figure out how to clear a level in Amateur Surgeon, for example, you can easily find video tutorials online. These tutorials can visually and clearly demonstrate the ways or steps you need to do to make it through the stage or level.

The Internet hosts an extensive array of information on dealing with various mobile game challenges, as shared by other gamers. It’s almost impossible not to find useful walkthroughs or step-by-step guides in successfully completing the different levels of popular mobile games. Of course, cheats don’t only mean cheat codes or hacks. You can also cheat by spoiling yourself with the information on how to beat opponents, solve puzzles, or complete tasks.

3. Online Hack or Cheat Tools

These online tools are mostly applicable to social media games, particularly those played on Facebook. They don’t need to be downloaded or installed. What they usually do is to influence the data on the game’s server. They can increase money supply, coins, points, or special items. They are accessed separately from the game, through a web browser.

You still have to be careful in using these online hack or cheat tools, though. Since they are available as web pages, there are those who try to “phish” through their guise. If you encounter such hack tools that require you to input your password or personal information, you better stop and leave them. Legit hack tools will only ask for your ID or unique game name. They will not even require you to give your email address.

As much as possible, if you intend to cheat on a mobile game, limit your options to the three mentioned above. Don’t make cheating something that compromises your device’s software or something that obliterates the points or accomplishments you have already accumulated.


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