4 Crucial Apps to Make Holiday Travel-Fun and Stress Free

It is good to go on holiday whenever you can. It is also your wish to utilize the holiday time as best as you can and keep the memory of a stress-free and adventurous period of quality time. With the current technology, your wish is just an app an a click away.

What You Need To Do

Get some efficient Apps on your phone. In these times, you can get yourself from one end of the earth to the other and back with nothing more than a few apps.

Learn to use the Apps of your choice after installing them on your device; This makes you competent before you put them into their real purpose during the holiday.

The Best Apps

As you choose which Apps to use, get a glimpse of the various apps of the same purpose available. Compare their quality and usability and choose the best to match your taste.

Here are the best Apps recommended for nice results if you plan to spend some stress-free quality time on holiday.

Google Translate

This is a language translation service offered by Google Inc.It can convert text from one language to another. If you wish to visit exotic places, meet new people from different cultures and languages, Google Translate is your choice. It covers various languages from across Europe, Asia and Africa.


You really don’t want to miss flight. You want to know when it is scheduled and various destinations on the globe so you can adjust to the time. FlightAware is an android App that helps you do just that.

With FlightAware,you can track various commercial Airlines’ flights in realtime and even have access to complete flight details, full-screen maps by radar over-lay and realtime notifications on flight delays and planes passing over-heard or nearby you.


While on holiday, you want to taste foods of various nature be it African sweet potatoes or Indian Diwali. To that effect, you will need to find that restaurant or hotel that is famous for those foods. Foodspotting is an App just for that purpose.

The App gives you the freedom to see visual presentations of the foods availed at nearby restaurants and hotels,give you the right to rate, vote for and even bookmark the dishes you love. It also has a feature that allows you to track what friends and others experts are eating.


oMaps stands for offline-maps. It helps you search for maps of locations and save them for later use. With oMaps, you can play games, make phone calls via Skype and chat with friends. You can even zoom in on the maps for more detail.

This App is very useful especcially when driving in unfamiliar teritory on your holiday. For this purpose, if you have an expired driving licence, renew before-hand.

WeatherBug: So you want to know weather it will be clear or raining the next day because you want to visit that place? WeatherBug, a brand owned by Earth Networks, will give you a vast network of lightning sensors and realtime weather forecasts. It helps you plan your day’s schedule.

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