Oddball Launch: 3 Strange Gaming Launches That’ll Have You Scratching Your Head

There are games that you love – games that are epic – and then there are the weirdos. The ones that you don’t even know what to do with. And, with new games consoles coming out, it’s hard to imagine playing some of the old games out there.  But, some of them are fun and funny, if only because they’re so odd.

Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy

While many former gamers are selling their consoles to musicMagpie.co.uk, there are still a lot of us left out there who want to see the world of gaming make a comeback where its needed most – in the console world. Sometimes, that involves reviving old consoles like the Atari Jaguar.

Yeah, this game has two things in common with Star Fox. First, there are anthropomorphic animals. Second, there are lasers and spaceships. The lead, Cutter and Trevor, are felines. They’re on a mission to rid the galaxy of Odd-It, a baddie who wants to make the rest of the galaxy odd, like itself.

Unfortunately, the game was rushed to market and it flopped – just like Atari’s console. What a coincidence.

Metal Gear Ac!d

So, Metal Gear was an amazing series. But, what was up with Metal Gear Ac!d? It doesn’t have anything to do with the game’s history or storyline – not even its setting. Instead, the oddballness comes from the way players control Solid Snake during the adventure.

Cards – yep, cards. That’s how you play this game. Ac!d is played by building decks of cards so that you can perform actions like sword slices or putting on camo. These cards are earned by spending money on packs with different themes. The themes? They’re based on past games in the series and other Hideo Kojima hits.

It’s sort of like Pokemon mixed with Metal Gear, except there’s no weird anime-ish creatures rolling about. At least it didn’t totally fail to deliver on Metal Gear staples like a weird storyline with a psychic and plane-stealing marionettes. The boss battles are the usual strange affair, and there’s lots and lots of sneaking around for no apparent reason.

Some people actually liked the gameplay, referencing old Konami classics. You sort of had to love the series. It definitely wasn’t something you played out of the gate with no understanding of where this game came from.

Feel The Magic XY/XX

Hey. Sex sells. Feel the magic was a Sega-inspired love story by Nicholas Sparks. Our hero vies for the attention and undying love of a lady he’s just met while trying to fend off a rival who also wants her. That’s not all that strange on the surface of it, until you realize that all of this provocative play is happening in a legit video game.

It’s filled with a lot of sexually-charged innuendoes and situations, but also a little bit of S&M-ish stuff like scorpions, stampeding bulls, and these Rub Rabbit dudes who are really just men wearing rabbit years (yep) who help out others trying to find true love. It’s less a game and more a series of minigames with the ultimate goal being you finding love in all the right places.

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