The Top 4 Puzzle Games That’ll Make You A Genius!

According to research, brain stimulating games play a significant role in developing and improving a person’s cognitive skills. It also improves your memory and problem-solving skills.

If you are searching for these kinds of mobile app games, look no further because this article will list down top three brain-stirrer mobile app games there is.

  • Move the Box

Move the box has been made available by the independent developers Bitchin’ Games for quite some time now. There are two available versions of Move the Box – the Lite that is downloadable for free and the Pro that  you need to purchase.

A stack of crates on a shipping dock background is presented to the players. When a horizontal or vertical line of identical colors are piled, crates automatically disappear. You can move the crates by sliding them up and down and side to side until all are properly arranged.

Actually, Move the Box is just simple a puzzle game (evil grin). Scoring the highest score is not the emphasis of this game, but on how many levels you have solved. The player’s main goal here is to figure out how to make all crates disappear in the number of moves allowed.  The fewer, the better – that is the trick.

Unfortunately, if you are not lucky enough to beat the number, then you can’t move on to the next level.

  • Candy Crush

Without a doubt, Candy Crush has become an addiction for about 45 millions users worldwide. The game works by giving us a little shot of a neurochemical called dopamine which makes you feel good for a short while. This is the reason people got so overly-hooked with Candy Crush.

At first glance, it looks like Bejeweled wherein you match same kinds of objects well except that you see candies not jewels. The concept of this game is the pretty much the same with Move the Box wherein you need to accomplish the task with a limited number of moves only.

Candy Crush is very entertaining not only for kids, but for teenagers and adults. However, it is also one of the games out there that makes you utterly frustrating when you lose not just once, not twice, but many hundred times. Average players who do not cheat could end up getting stuck in a level for a week or months. This game will not only stir your brain, but it will also twist it until you got insanely addicted.

  • What’s the Word?

RedSpell is claiming its newest app What’s the Word? to be the latest craze in the world of mobile games that can be addicting like Candy Crush.

To play the game, all you need to do is jumble the four pictures to guess the word. The four pictures will give you clues to what the word  is. You can zoom it by tapping the image. Each correct answers gives you coins that can be used to buy a letter or remove a letter from the options.

For example, the image above on the right side, shows some tree, a branch, a flower pot and man putting seeds in the soil. That only suggests that the word you are looking for is plant. Don’t get cocky and think this is easy because with over 5000 words to solve this game will keep you at your toes.

  • World of Cheese

The World of Cheese is one of the most sought after games this year. Thought this game was released on December of 2013, its resounding effect has bought the gamers to its knees making them want to it even more.

The kind of puzzle that the World of Cheese is both fun and intense! Before you’ll find the cheese (which is what the game’s goal is) you’ll have to figure out the puzzle first. These puzzles are will give you those “palm face” moments and you’ll surely have a blast playing it.

You can get the World of Cheese on App Store or you’re using an Android, you can get the World of Cheese on Google Play.

Surely, you now want to get challenged by these three brain-twisting  mobile game apps as it offers you a lot of excitement and refreshing experience. Let me just remind you that you are highly likely to get addicted if you haven’t tried this, but there is always fun in first time. Enjoy every moment of it and savor the fun!


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