From Toque to Timberlands – Dressing for Success from Surprising Sources

Professional dress code has always been an important component when creating a first impression. We tend to make assumptions on perceived credibility, potential and professionalism based upon your appearance.

For people in careers that are centered around wearing uniforms and dressing in industry looks, there are great professional and stylishly designed apparel that don’t break your bank.

Remember, you do not have to lose your professional look while being stylish. While great looking uniforms boost the image of the organization and the industry, stylish and comfortable uniforms also boost the unity of the workforce. This does good especially since it boosts the confidence the customers approach you with.

Every season provides for an opportunity to shop around for uniforms that are stylishly designed in bright new colors and designs to fit you perfectly without drawing attention to specific areas of clothing. You also may desire something stylish, of good fabric that can be described as being season-less. Clothes that you are guaranteed to enjoy wearing in the winter and in the summer.

This would be great especially if you are in the restaurant, department store and hospital industry. With a vast selection of brand names available, your uniforms don’t have to be expensive. From unique and stylish restaurant uniforms to scrubs and nurses uniforms, there are great designs and also some great discounts.

Shoes with slip resistance, with an anti fatigue option and easy care oil resistance are not only appropriate shoes but provide hours of comfort which may enhance your productivity. For added comfort especially for the extra shift some better quality shoes do come in handy. Appropriate footwear goes beyond comfort but also makes you look polished and professional too.

While standing for long hours, shoes that support you while being easy on the heel are great and more appropriate than some available in the market. While seeking comfort, shoes that are also easy to clean would be great since they will save a lot of time incase an accident does happen. Comfort should also not come at a very high price so among the huge selection of brands available there is sure chance of getting great bargains. This will ensure you look not only professional but at a premium price too.

It is key to have uniforms that are stylish, comfortable and that fit. This is because you shall be dressed in your uniforms for longer hours than regular clothes. It becomes more important for department store and front of the house restaurant employees. This is because what you wear should not only be comfortable to wear but should also be inviting so that customers may approach with more confidence this can be achieved through provision of proper color, print and size.

Bright colors and designs combined with fabrics not only make it easier on you but also allows for breathing.

Introduction of more cost effective options to spice up the uniform is addition of custom personalized touches e.g. simple embroidery. It not only makes the standard stock look different it makes the whole uniform different. Custom embroidery creates marketing and identity recognition for the workforce. This will help foster a group spirit among the team. Fabric shirts with cool embroidery designs for the waiters or the department store attendant may create a lasting impression on the customers and a relationship.

Great fitting uniforms go a long way in motivating your staff into productivity while still maintaining the industry demands. In a fashion conscious world it does more good than harm to encourage your workforce to wear stylish and fashion forward attires.

This is also great as it reduces the cost of shopping since most of the stylish wear available in the market can also be fashionably worn with regular clothes. Having saved money and boosted your morale in your place of work, it should not hurt going round to see what is on offer paying attention to price, functionality and how the fabric lets you breathe while working. Though accessories are rarely included in uniforms, some may blend in well with subtle accessories.

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