How Online Gaming Can Improve Your Brain Performance?

I wonder why parents stop their kids from playing games when science has proved that playing games can improve brain performance by threefold.

If you remember Steve Jobs’ quote on “Do what you love”, it strongly applies to this concept. Kids love playing games and are not fully harmful for them.Brain-Games

A recent study, led by Simone Kuhn, says that 30 minutes of gaming per day for couple of months can actually improve the areas of brain that controls the awareness, memory and strategic thinking.

Now, as a matter of fact, gaming consoles cost you quite a bomb. Like, the PlayStation 4 costs $300 while Microsoft’s Xbox One costs $400. Who would spend so much on a standalone gaming device? Sounds pretty unethical.

We should not forget that there are now a thousand websites that offer FREE online gaming that is powered by Flash.

While some maybe silly kids game, some hardcore games can also be played online. If you have a Windows PC, you can play multiplayer online racing and strategy games, which not only increases competition but also concentration.

By playing challenging “brain games”, it also helps women over 50 years of age to reduce their risk of dementia and also keep their mind sharp because mind tends to go weaker as the age keeps getting mature.

So playing witty, character based or turn based games are helpful in churning the brain of kids as well as elders. Although elders might find it difficult to play hardcore character based games, they can opt for online turn based games like chess and also single player game like Sudoku.

Below are the top online brain games for you:


This awesome website is not only designed to play games but to improve your brain performance. It will help you enhance memory as well as improve attention.

It helps you build a personalized brain-training program as per your requirement.


HAPPYneuron is another brain game website that has vast variety of brain churning and brain training exercises focusing on memory, attention, speech, cognitive skills, reasoning and much more.

A well known game in HAPPYneuron is “Around the world in 80 trips”.


This is also a personalized brain training website with enormous variety of online games to improve cognitive functionality.

Fit Brains also offers a free trainer app for iPhone and iPad so you can improve your brain online on the go.


Of course in the list is online Chess. You can challenge people globally and improve your thinking skills by large margin.  You will face all types of players anytime you go and Chess adds a strawberry one cake in online gaming to improve your brain.

These are just four of the many countless online games that we have mentioned. But they are not limited to but also amazing games like Sudoku, Super Mario, Crossword puzzles which are great in improving performance of your brain.

Let us know your thoughts on online gaming and any brain improving games you are aware of in the comments below.

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  1. The post is really attractive. Being a gamer I also love to expand my knowledge by playing some online quiz games.