EaseUS – Free Memory Card Recovery Software

You have just returned from the most memorable trip of your life where all your family members were with you. There were some wonderful, unforgettable snaps of you and your family, but accidentally that is deleted by your little kid. What do you do? There is no point in banging your head on the wall as things are already lost! Wait, this time around you are saved by EaseUS who will help you to recover those precious snaps of yours if only you act fast. EaseUS is popular because you get memory card data recovery software free.

The Process to follow to get back lost data

If you are wondering how this will take place then here are the steps that you will have to follow and you will get back all the lost data. In order to carry out the process you first need to understand whether your data is lost due to formatting or system crash, then you have to select the complete recovery mode, if your data is lost due to deletion, then make sure you select the Deleted File recovery mode and if your data lost due to partition then you have to select Partition recovery. Now when you know which mode to select you can carry out the process efficiently.

  • You first have to launch EaseUS and then install it.
  • Once the memory card recovery software is open you have to select the recovery mode. For example, select the Complete Recovery mode.
  • Now you have to point out the files that need to be recovered
  • Make the selection of volume where the memory card which has been formatted is located
  • When you make the selection the software will run the scan through the full volume
  • Once the scan is complete it will come up with the result
  • You can preview it before saving the data into the directory

The preview option is great because this way you don’t need to save entire recovered files, instead you can only save those files which you actually need.

Recovering from data loss

All of a sudden without any rhymes and reasons, then it becomes very obvious that you will lose out on important data. Even if you feel annoyed there is hardly you can do about it, but with EaseUS you will get back your lost data and that is such a relief to know that now even if you forget to take backup you will be saved from data loss. Though taking proper back up is always advisable and it is very important that you do it religiously.

There is no such tough process that you have to go through with this easy recovery software as the software is smart enough to carry out the whole process by itself the very time you click next. So if you have lost data due to formatted partition or lost partition or simple deletion you will have all your required information back to where it belongs. The steps that you have to follow to recover the lost data are almost the same, the only difference being the selection of recovery mode. You just have to select the recovery mode correctly and you will have no problem in getting back what you want.

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