Latest Gaming Consoles for Adults

Playing video games is no longer limited to just the kids. These days, many adults are also into gaming whether played on a computer, a game console or a mobile gadget.

Surveys have shown that more women and older people over the age of 50 are playing games. Additionally, families and friend networks are gaming together instead of just doing it solo.


But other than providing entertainment to gamers, playing video games has also been found by research to be beneficial to people including kids suffering from certain conditions.

We share here the top game consoles available today specifically for adults. Perhaps many of you own one of them while some have several of them. They can play games of various kinds including the Kickstarter indie games.

PlayStation 3 and 4

Sony is a known leader in the gaming industry today thanks to its popular gaming console the PlayStation. Its PS4 is considered the best new console due to several factors notably its remote play ability with PS Vita and free games with PS Plus. PS4 plays video games using discs or downloadable files.

The PS3, on the other hand, offers free online gameplay via the PlayStation Network. Many of these games are exclusive to the PS system.

Xbox One and 360

Xbox One is Microsoft’s top of the line device being an all-in-one media system with cloud-computing abilities. Apart from letting users play video games, it also allows them to watch cable TV and use Skype. When it comes to speed and performance, though, it comes next only to PS4.

Xbox 360 meanwhile features hundreds of video games and offers dozens of media apps. It does not play Blu-ray movies, though.

Wii U

Wii U is different because of its gamepad that looks like a tablet. Gameplay experience is the same as the DS and 3DS. It just needs the software to support the games.

The Wii, on the other hand, became the first console that allowed motion games for people of all ages. Nintendo, however, does not develop games and apps for this device anymore.


Ouya is a new game console with its own version of the Android OS. Founded by Julie Uhrman in 2012, this device was initially funded via Kickstarter which successfully raised $8.5 million.

The console was finally released in June 2013 offering all games with free portion. The free offering allows interested users to try all games first before making a final buying decision.

Despite being new, the Ouya is considered a close competitor of PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Wii U.

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