Video Games have Cultivated an Era of Entrepreneurs – See How

How many times have we heard a parent say “Games are a total waste of time! Stop wasting your life and do something!” As a matter of fact – you might have said it yourself… Well, maybe it’s time to change your views as some of them can help you become a famous entrepreneur. Believe or not, video games foster enough creativity to drive people to open up their own businesses, come up with original ideas, or even play the games and become the brand themselves.Superhero-games

Video gaming: easy money or master gameplay?

Jang Min Chul, a Star Craft II player has earned well over $416,000 in his gaming career and that’s excluding the money he got from his sponsors. How is that possible you may ask? How does a simple gamer make so much money from winning a few championships? Well, it’s the same way a football player earns his annual salary. Every type of sport including e-sports (electronic sports) generates a fan base of its own and the number of active viewers keep going up in the millions.

Sponsors can easily take advantage of these ridiculously high numbers of viewers just by putting a simple company logo on a player’s shirt. Companies well known for producing gaming gear such as Thermal Take and Steel Series give their products away to gamers so that when those games are in the spotlight their gear is advertised to millions.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to actually love what you do for a living? Well that’s what gamers get to do. It’s not just about the money. There’s no point being a super-rich business man if you can’t spend what you earn to enjoy yourself because you’re busy trying to earn more money.

Video gaming drives team spirit, they help you strategize collectively and win deal together

When you’re in a professional team of 5 people – everyone is like family. It takes a lot of brain power to keep everything running smoothly and things don’t always go as planned – this is when bonds are tested to the limits. A good work force that sees each other as a family member will always think as one and try their best to secure the top spot.

That’s exactly how business works too. Every successful entrepreneur should be part of a team in order to succeed in his domain and take his business to the top. No one is perfect so you cannot expect an employee to have a spotless record. “Failure is the pillar of success”. No one can finish a game in one try – they’re bound to fail at some point and you have to help them learn from their mistakes. Sometimes, we have to fall if we want to learn how to pick ourselves up.

Team work – essential in video gaming, crucial in business

It is important to note that even the strongest chain has its weakest link and nothing more exposes this truth better than video games where team work is essential. If you notice that your team mate is in trouble you’ll try to cover for him not kick him out. A game is lost when teams turn on each other. We’ve all heard the saying “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” We all have different strengths and weaknesses, and it’s the duty of each member to make sure that everyone’s weakness is covered so that when the ball drops – everyone is prepared. After all, there’s no “I” in “team work”.

Video games teach us to respect one another. It’s a place where an old man and a young kid are on the same playing field… there’s no one with superior knowledge of everything – it’s a place where everyone is equal and that’s exactly the type of mentality a working force should have.


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