Best Websites to Play Online Games in 2014

Online games have taken the internet world by a storm. Everybody seems to talk about the latest online games present on the internet. But where exactly you can find the best free online games on the internet? Where can you get the spam-free games without any viruses?best-gaming-sites

Well, this article will tell you exactly that. In this article, we will tell you the most reputed and most used online gaming portals. After reading this article and going to those online gaming portals, online gaming will never be a problem for you. Also, we have taken care of people with different interests by offering websites which cater to interests of different people.


This is one of the most famous online games provider in the world. Miniclip offers you a wide variety of games ranging from action to arcade to zombies. Just see the game categories, you will spend some time thinking what to play. Also, Miniclip provides you with games which are single player as well as multiplayer. Moreover, Miniclip provides you with top 10 games which easily help you to choose and play the best games available on the website. For children and teenagers alike, Miniclip is the website to go to if you want to play some nice online games.


Yeah, the largest social network is also one the largest online games provider. Since it has more than 1.2 Billion users worldwide, Facebook has become a platform for many developers to publish their gaming works online. Also, Facebook being a social network easily integrates your friends into the games you play. You can take help from your Facebook friends to complete some works in your game. Many multiplayer games are available which you can play with your close Facebook friends or distant Facebook users. Because people trust Facebook, in-game purchases are made without any hesitation by users. Online games at Facebook have led to many people creating their accounts on Facebook. Facebook has some of the best online games and continues to increase this number each day with many big studios using Facebook for publishing their latest games. This gives them a large user base and high income opportunities.

Caesars Casino Online

If you are a person who is interested in real cash games on the internet, then Caesars Casino Online is the site for you. It is one of the most authenticated online websites which can let you play casino games anytime and anywhere. You need to be a New Jersey resident for this website. Caesars Casino Online provides various games where you can put on stake some real money and win some real money. The thrill is high and you may think that the risk will also be high. But Caesars Casino, being the most trusted online casino in New Jersey assures that you will not lose any money unless you actually lose at a game. The games are carried out fairly with supervision and since the website is cleanly authorized to host such games, you just gotta enjoy the games.

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  1. I love to play games at facebook only.