New to Web Hosting? Try one of these Hosting Plans

If you’re new to the world of web hosting and are unable to zero in on a plan that would meet your business needs, then you might as well want to browse through this post. A bevy of web-hosting plans are available for you – raging from the free to incredibly cheap ones. If you’re willing to shell out a few dimes, it would be advisable to invest in a cheap hosting plan instead of doing it all free. Whereas free hosting sites are ideal for personal bloggers or content creators, not looking at commercial gains, paid hosting services are deemed more suitable for entrepreneurs.

The free hosting services aren’t really suitable for business purposes as they’re characterized by certain restrictions. One of the major flaws of working with free web hosting companies is that you can’t ask for compensation if it closes down without prior notice. There have been a number of times when free web hosting companies have closed down like this, requiring entrepreneurs to put in added effort in revisiting everything that they had done till now. Here’s a primer on the varied web hosting plans that you can avail.

Here’s a lowdown on the most commonly used web hosting plans, today. Look up or etc to know more about other web hosting options.

Linux Hosting

Linux remains very important for Perl or PHP backed websites. Besides shared hosting, this plan commands an indomitable presence in the world of hosting as most of the web development tools viz, Joomla, WordPress and Drupal are primarily purposed for Linux. One of the major advantages of this web hosting feature is that you don’t really need to be an expert in Linux in order to navigate here. The Linux Web Hosting service provides you with a graphical interface facilitating your work. Let alone an expert, you aren’t even required to know anything about Linux in order to work with this.

Shared Hosting

This one again is one of the most commonly used web servers used. Here, multiple (small) websites with minimum bandwidth are managed by a single Web server. You can avail these services at very incredibly lower monthly rates from the service providers.

VPS Hosting

This one is particularly advisable for more advanced users who are required to install particular software or packages that aren’t available on shared hosting. Generally these are the types of sites that attract a lot of traffic and need a few custom requirements that aren’t available with shared hosting. It works more or less like a shared server whereby the user’s website is put on the same server as that of others. However, there is lesser number of websites per server.

Dedicated Hosting

One of the more expensive hosting services among the ones listed here, Dedicated Hosting allows you to host your website on one or more computers. There are other websites that are hosted elsewhere which ensures that your site or blog is not crashed by them in case they are bogged down by huge traffic.

Reseller Hosting

It’s immensely easy to work with multiple websites with a single control panel. It is primarily designed for webmasters who are willing to resell their own web hosting service and for those who are working with many websites.

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