5 Best iPhone Motoring Apps

Few years back nobody had even heard of the word iPhone, quite interestingly today, many among us cannot imagine living without iPhone. With numerous available apps it’s pretty hard to identify those worth downloading whereas those which are a total waste of time. Well, below mentioned are some of my best iPhone motoring apps:


Well, there are numerous of SAT-NAV apps specifically for iPhone, however TomTom is surely the best. It is quite clear to read and way easy to use. It is not cheap, though you tend to get what you have actually paid for! TomTom basically offer IQ routes, finding the speedy routes, based on the actual traffic speeds and not on the speed limits. Additionally, it offers speed limit warnings, speed camera, real time traffic updates, local search plus also has an Emergency menu (Help me!)

Green Flag Rescue Me:

Multifunctional and free, the Green Flag app is truly worth downloading. In case you breakdown due to any unfortunate reasons, you do not need to worry regarding working out where exactly you are, since this app will actually find the accurate location of yours using GPS. All you will need to do is simply clicking ‘Rescue me’; this will directly be sent to Green Flag. Furthermore, there is a very useful function named ‘Traffic Update’ as well, which can hence find out the places where there have been certain incidents, and you can hopefully avoid them. Top of that, the ‘Remind me’ feature let you know when your MOT insurance and tax are due. Absolutely priceless!

iCar Park:

If you are among those individuals who always forget where exactly you have parked your car then iCar Park App is truly your savior. Just tap once in order to record your car’s location and to get back to your car, tap again! The app will accurately guide you back. One can also make notes regarding what section or level he parked, in case using the multi-story car park, besides it can help you informing the time that is left on the parking ticket.

Nosey Parker:

Well, not finding the parking space for your car is certainly a nightmare specifically on busy weekends; Nosey Parker is hence designed to find the space stress free. Interestingly, this app can locate the cheapest, safest and nearest park space for your car. No wonder the app was the winner of the award Best application of Technology at Big Chip, it’s truly invaluable!

Top Gear Stunt School:

Well, the app Top Gear Stunt School is though not that useful, however it is definitely the most fun! Interestingly, you can actually test your hand to complete straight 60 challenges in some mudded cars in a Top gear style. There tend to be 9 different cars one can hence soup up along with a wide range of extras. Such include jet engines, armor plating, and wings. To your surprise, there are 2,000,000,000 different combinations! Though it is not that cheap, but worth it, specifically for your Fun factor!


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