Review of The Sims 4

September 2, 2014 is an important date for over 175 million faithful fans around the world, as it is the release date of The Sims 4, the cult-status simulation franchise with nearly 15-year long history of stellar success. Offering escapism into fantasy worlds to the players, PC games within the simulation genre are fun and exciting as well as educational. Their potential for honing one’s social skills in real life shouldn’t be underestimated. The Sims 4 take user experience to another level by introducing sophisticated solutions to make the MMORPG and other simulation themed game characters appear more human-like, including their dynamic and complex interactions.Sims-4-pic

Bring Your Sim to Life

The Sims 4 game developers and producers decided to make the latest edition more realistic, but also much more fun, by enabling the characters to have deeper emotions and lasting moods, which affect the game flow and the story you will be developing. Elaborate emotions and an array of personal traits you can choose from to mold a character noticeably change the way you used to play the earlier versions of this game. You can even improve your social intelligence by figuring out which behaviors are constructive. For example, if a Sim is feeling angry, he will be much better off channeling the pent-up energy into a workout than into picking a fight with another character. This way he can level up and achieve a higher level in fitness while avoiding personal conflicts.

Superior Visual Customization

The new game is much more fun as you can interpret the characters’ feelings thanks to the addition of fine facial expressions. Prepare to be amazed by Create a Sim character creator tool inspired by touchscreen technology. This means you can not only choose among a dozen of eye colors, but you can drag facial and body parts to design your hero’s physiognomy and body shape. The earlier version allowed you to alter a character’s voice, but now you can also choose the way he will walk by using the intuitive, more tactile creation tool.

Visit the Other Worlds

Explore the new, more populated ten neighborhoods of the lush Willow Creek and the striking Oasis Springs worlds. Move between the two without leaving the game as you maintain all the social relations. Unleash your creativity and build houses or just add individually constructed rooms to an already existing venture or house. Add new content, from homes to family members, by using the newly integrated downloadable gallery to play with other gamers’ creations. The possibilities are endless, just like in real life.

The Sims 4 may be a super fun cartoon-style life simulator, but its innovations add it some real life hacking potential, too. The robust character creator enables complex personal interactions, affecting the further events. Unified worlds make the game setting a believable, connected place. You get to meet the same characters in different worlds as they commute back and forth. The simulation game genre has never looked so exciting!

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