Why Virgin Media is the Best Broadband Provider in UK?

Internet is one of the best inventions ever done by man. In early days, it was said to be a luxury but now it is a need of everyone, whether it be students or researchers. Most of the people can’t even imagine a life without internet and it is a nightmare for some that they would be locked in a room for ages without internet. Apart from that these days there are so many internet providers right now that it is really difficult to choose that which the best among them is. But you don’t need to worry as long as I am here. And according to me the best Broadband provider is none other than Virgin Media! Why? Well I knew you guys will ask me these questions because it is human nature that we don’t believe on anything until and unless we are shown a proof of it. Don’t worry as today I am going to compare broadband packages of Virgin Media and tell you why are they best!

The 50Mb plan

The first plan which strikes in our eyes is none other than the 50Mb plan. It is cheap as well as the best plan if the pricing factor needs to be kept in mind. This is the first broadband package you will encounter by Virgin Media. This package is said to be awesome for watching movies online, e-shopping and normal browsing. If you ask me then I would surely suggest you to go for this plan as it is the best plan for a normal internet user. It is priced at £26.50 per month on a contract of 12 months. Another advantage of this plan is that you can easily add a mobile SIM by just paying £5 per month more! And it is even 6 times faster than normal broadband. So don’t wait and just get it!

The 100Mb plan

The next plan which comes in our list is the most awesome plan according to me. Yes you guessed it right! It is 100Mb Plan. This plan is seriously awesome plan for a heavy internet user and even the prices are low due to which you can easily afford it. According to the company this plan is fantastic for anything you do over internet, whether it be downloading movies, playing heavy games or anything else, this is the best plan for anything! This plan is 12 times faster than the normal broadband and 6 times faster than the 50Mb plan. And in this plan too you can easily add a mobile SIM for just £5 per month! The standard charges are £31 per month on a contract of 12 months

The 152Mb plan

This is the last and the costliest plan but believe me, it is worth the price. In this plan you can get the speed up to 152Mb. This is said to be the best plan if you are having lots of devices to manage and want to get some seriously high speed at all of them at the same time. The prices start from £39 per month.

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