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If your system gets crashed and you lose all your data then what you are going to do? Then, in that case you will be looking to see whether there is any backup available of the files and you will try to restore it. Many people just ignore the fact that there system won’t get crashed and the files will be safe. But, taking the backup is pretty much important. If you have the backup available, then you don’t have to worry whether your system gets crashed or any disaster happens, you can restore them anytime. So, for this task you must look out for the reliable free backup software which is EaseUs ToDo Backup, it allows you to take the backup of the files easily and in the reliable fashion. You will also have the interface guide on how to use the software but this software is easy to use and you can take the backup of the files with just one single click.

This new version of the EaseUs ToDo Backup supports windows 10.1/8.1/7/Vista/XP operating system, and it also has the multi language support which will allow you to take the backup in various languages. It also allows you to take the windows 10 backup easily and save lots of time to restore the data. As, the restoring task is pretty easy and it only takes few seconds to restore the files. This reliable and free software allows you to take the backup and restore the files into the original state without having any harm to the original files. You can take the backup of the individual files or you can take the backup of the complete hard drive for any disaster conditions. Also, it offers disk cloning, SSD migration, and disk up gradation solutions.

How to migrate Windows 10 HDD to SDD?

You might be tired of the system to get boot up for your programs to get load, well in that case you must look out for the solid state drive (SSD) in your machine. Now, as you know SSD is pretty affordable than ever, so you should get one for your desktop, but migrating the files from the Windows 10 hard drive to the SSD is the tedious task. To overcome this difficulty, the EaseUs ToDo Backup Free is designed. If Windows 10 is installed on the hard drive then users can migrate Windows 10 to SSD by cloning the system drive with the help of disk imaging software. Follow the bewlo mentioned steps for the task:

  • Install EaseUs ToDo Backup Free on the PC and then launch the application to run it.
  • Now click on clone, after clicking on clone select the source disk you want to clone: HDD
  • Select the destination disk: SSD. It consists of sector by sector cloning.
  • Tick the option of optimize for SSD
  • Preview the disk layout before cloning
  • Click on proceed to start cloning
  • After the task, shut down the computer and remove the HDD.

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