GetResponse, MailChimp and AWeber Comparison – Which is Better?

If you are in business then you must be aware of the importance of the email service. This is the most significant part of the service and hence one should be very careful about it. If you are aware of the market then you must be aware of the Big Threes in the Email Service Providers. GetResponse, MailChimp and AWeber are the most competitive options one could have. However, one must understand that there cannot be three best and out of these 3 there is only one best. However, other than a detailed comparison it is not easy to come to a conclusion. So, let’s understand the comparison of the three with each parameter.

Delivery Rate

No Email Service provider gives 100% delivery rate. It is almost impossible to deliver all the emails to the desired inbox of the recipients. However, we need to select the best one. GetResponse is edged ahead of the others in this regard. It has close to 70% to 80% delivery rate. Even though the others are close but not as good as GetResponse, the other email service providers are good enough.

Customer Interaction

A good Email Service provider will make sure that customers find the content interesting and ease their way to subscribe the offers or sign up for the newsletters. However, every service does not work as promised or as expected. GetResponse again leads the others with easy and simple UI. Mailchimp and Aweber have good systems, but that looks complicated and customers may avert the attempt to sign up.


No one has world’s wealth to spend on the marketing purpose. This is why it is important to consider the pricing. The pricing looks close for the services but with annual offers and many blocks to offer, GetResponse edges ahead. You can get the 1000 subscribers plan for only $12.30 and there are different blocks for 2500, 5000, 10000, 25000, 50000 and 100000 subscribers. No other email service providers including MailChimp and AWeber offer this many blocks. If you go for unlimited plans as well, GetResponse has the pricing advantage. Mailchimp, AWeber and GetResponse offer unlimited emails to 25000 subscribers for $150,$149 and $145 respectively.

Special Features

There are many special features that are a significant part of the Email Service Providers. These should always be included in the comparison to get a clear picture. An autoresponder is a special feature that is present for high membership engagement. It is very significant for the business trying to boost the revenue. GetResponse is one of the better options for simple yet so effective solutions for it. MailChimp and AWeber may look a bit complicated for the same. Apart from it, the Get Response enables you for easy integration with other tools and provide an ideal platform for Affiliate marketing as well.

Customer Support

Last but not the least is customer support. Even though all of them score fair in this section but with dedicated support, less waiting and in-house staffing, Get Response is most preferable.


There is no doubt that Mailchimp and Aweber have a considerable market share, but the constant improvement theory of GetResponse takes it higher than the other two. It is easy to use, less in price and also feature loaded.

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