More Tricks and Strategies for Playing Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers found at is a classic infinite racing game available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.  You control a skateboarder while you avoid obstacles and collect items and coins. Since it offers unlimited lives, you literally are able to play for hours without being interrupted.  This, however, does not mean you are not able to master the game quickly and obtain high scores. If you are looking to beat your friends and get higher scores than them, there are some tricks and strategies that will help you do that.

Get Those Coins

Even though it is the score that will determines if you beat your friends, it is essential that you still grab as many coins as you can. Rather than choosing the simple way, go for the one that will bring you more money. For instance, if you venture to the sides and down the middle lane quickly, you get more coins.

Build your Multiplier Up

To get a high score quicker, you need to build up your multiplier. When first starting to play, you will get a x1 multiplier. Each time you do a set of missions and beat them, you will increase your multiplier up by one permanently moving it towards as much as x30.  This means you will have a 30 times higher score than it would be normally when having a full multiplier.

Get Those Powerups Upgraded

The Jetpack, 2X Multiplier and Coin Magnet are the pickups that are the most powerful to increase your score. You will pick up any coin you come across with the Coin Magnet regardless if it is in your lane or not.  With the Jetpack, you will be launched above the course, freeing you to gather up coins without worry. You will double your multiplier with the 2X multiplier by up to 60X.

Grab Those Hoverboards

You can buy these with coins or win in prize boxes. These last for 30 seconds only, however, they are truly powerful when it comes to taking a hit for you. While riding a hoverboard, if you should hit an obstacle, your run will not end rather you simply go back on foot and can continue your run and increase your score. Stocking up on motherboards is a good idea for using in emergency situations when it is not possible to avoid a hit. One way of the two main ways of earning score is moving forward. You are ensured to move forward and increase your score when on a hoverboard. Collect over 900+ boards and you can use them in the event your character is running too quickly already and you aren’t able to handle it.

Grab Those Keys

These are a type of currency which enables you to continue running even if you hit an obstacle. You can find keys as you run around the course, from weekly missions and in mystery boxes. You can also purchase keys using real money.  You can ensure a good, long run by having a decent stock of keys. Use keys only when you hit obstacles while not on a hoverboard, at a 500k+ score.

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