5 Best iOS-Exclusive Games

The A9 chip and 64-bit architecture in the soon-to-be-released iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will once again elevate mobile gaming to new heights. While the most popular titles are usually available for both iOS and Android, there will always be the gems that remain iPhone-exclusive. Even if you’re gaming on an older iPhone 5, these games push the limits of what most smartphones are able to do, and they’re just plain tons of fun.best-ios-games

Check out these five incredible games only available for iOS:

Papers, Please

“Papers, Please” doesn’t have action like a first-person shooter or adventure like an RPG, but it is an interesting take on a puzzle game that requires extreme attention to detail. In this game, you play an airport customs agent where citizens from various fictional countries come through and it’s up to you to decide if their passports are legitimate or fraudulent. If the premise sounds boring, the game is actually very challenging and the test of your decision-making skills is all a part of the fun.


If “Oceanhorn” feels like a ripoff of the “Zelda” franchise, well, that’s because it probably is. But what “Oceanhorn” lacks in originality, it makes up in stunning visuals and glorious nostalgia. If you are a fan of the “Zelda” games and want the same experience on your iPhone, then this is the title for you. While moments of the gameplay can be frustrating, the overall experience shows the years of work that went into the game’s development.

Device 6

Many people see the iPhone as a limited confines for gaming, but the developers of “Device 6” saw it as an opportunity to create a game that’s not possible to play on any console or PC. “Device 6” is a puzzle game made completely from blocks of texts, short videos, sounds and pictures. You play a woman trying to escape an island, and you have only these small bits of information to work with. As you scroll and rotate your iPhone, you continue down a path of clues that will either lead to your freedom or your doom.

Infinity Blade III

“Infinity Blade” was one of the first exclusive games for iPhone. Its third version is still one of the most visually stunning games for iOS over two years later. “Infinity Blade” is a pure slasher, in which you swipe a finger across the screen to swing the sword and conquer giant baddies. This linear-action title still pushes the limits of the iPhone’s hardware, even on the iPhone 6s, but it still looks incredible.

Tiny Wings

Something for kids and adults alike, “Tiny Wings” falls into the category of legendary titles like “Angry Birds.” The premise is simple — follow a small bird along a series of hills, and press the screen to accelerate it up and over hills to collect as many points as possible. The beginning stages are easy enough for kids, but the advanced levels are enough to challenge even the most skilled adults.

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