Our Best Gift Ideas for Gamers

If you’re a gamer yourself then chances are you have your own wish-list of ideal gaming accessories that you would love to receive as a gift. When it comes time to buy for other gamers, however, it’s hard to know what they need or what they want. This guide has some great gift ideas which are sure to be winners for every gamer.

A Gaming Mouse

If you’re buying for a PC gamer then response time is crucial throughout the games they play, and nothing says responsiveness like a true gaming mouse. Look for a gaming mouse that includes multiple configurable buttons and scroll wheels which a gamer can set to their individual control needs for each game. For example, one of the right-hand side click wheels may be used to aim while a certain button which is closest to their trigger finger can be used to fire.


While it may seem strange to you (or if you’re a gamer, normal), heavy gamers can spend hours on end, even days back to back playing their favorite new release game. Instead of them sitting in some old clothes, head to the Macy’s page on Groupon Coupons and pick up a discount to buy them some themed pajamas. Batman Vs. Superman has been released and with it came a wide range of themed apparel. While it may seem unrelated to gaming, trust us, a true gamer will appreciate the comfort and fashion.

Quick Response Keyboard

Another important tool which gamers use are keyboards and believe us when we tell you, all keyboards were not created equal. Gaming keyboards are designed with fast response mechanisms which allow the keys to not only respond quicker but are ready for more presses per second than regular keyboards. Along with this utility, they also offer quiet operating mechanisms to remove the constant clicking which you can hear on a regular typing keyboard.

Surround Sound Headphones

If you have ever been in a cinema or home theatre and experienced surround sound then you know just how amazing it can be. This experience flows through to games, however, instead of the bulky surround system, there are now headphones which can emulate this experience. Giving a true sense of surround sound to a gamer in a pair of headphones not only gives them a great experience but also saves their neighbors.

If you love the idea of these gifts but aren’t sure of the technicals, take this list into your local gaming store and get their advice. We assure you that you’re going to see a very happy gamer at the end of the gift exchange.

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  1. A good quality game mouse and keyboard are must for gamers, even for those who are not professional. Thank you for these ideas!