How Big Is Video Gaming Industry: Facts And Statistics

A video game is a programmed electronic game that can be cast and played on a computing device which includes gaming console, personal computer or mobile phone. Video games are sub-categorized into console games and computer games. However, in the recent years, the eruption of gadgets and devices like tablets, smartphones, and laptops have triggered innovation of social and mobile games.  The first video game was produced in 1970 but as of today the tremendous innovation it has undergone, the video games now create photorealistic graphics to platitude that is unbelievable. Below facts and statistics are highlighted and explained fully.

Video Gaming Is Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

Video games have been in the sector for years now, and now it’s a multi-billion dollar business. The Video game market in 2015 is valued at 16.97 billion U.S dollars, and still, on the same note, the customers of product spent roughly the same amount, the same year on the gaming content which includes software development of the games. Video gaming has a significant to play since the fast gamers are now grownups the industry is tremendously growing, and video games are disqualified to be considered a child’s play solely. In the United States, the fact is that the adults are gaining more fans and especially the League of Legends, checkout for LoL accounts.

The Leading Sharks

The pioneer Gurus who have been in the industry for decades and still lead the top positions, the top three as of 2015 include Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony. On the top was Sony’s Playstation 4 emerged as the bestseller in the current generation consoles and by the end of 2015, Sony had sales of a hoping 16.75 million units of the big units. The three gaming brands are the top brands and recognized in the United States as the best innovative and creative to rely on gaming with Nintendo leading the way.

Global Statistics

Globally statistics indicate that video games market hit $99.6 billion in 2016. But as comparing to the devices used, Pc is slowly fading of the lane as mobile gaming gains tract. Also, China alone as a country accounts for a quarter of all revenues realized in gaming. As of 2016,  Asia Pacific was leading with a revenue of $46.6 billion; North America came second largest area with revenue of about of $25.4 billion with a growing rate of 4.1%. Then Europe, Middle East, and Africa had a revenue of $23.5 billion and finally Latin America which had a revenue of $4 billion.

The video gaming industry is multi-billion dollar industry, and the expectations of much more income from the industry are concern that many more investors are running to invest. Facts and statistics show there is a growing trend in the gaming industry on mobile users including smartphones and tablets. Looking into the video gaming industry as a beneficial aspect that can improve the critical thinking of a kid and boost his/her brain power. Nevertheless, the industry is tremendously gaining popularity and gaining more users each day.

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