Interesting and Fun Facts about Mobile Phones

Over the past few decades technology has become essential part of our everyday lives. We can’t imagine doing business without gadgets that enable us to stay connected with our business partners, let alone leaving the house without our mobile phone.
But have you ever stopped and wondered about the impact mobile technology has on society? I was astonished by the fact that almost 60% of world population owns a mobile phone and by the fact that there is 5 times more mobile phones than computers!
We became so dependant on our mobile phones that we even started developing strange disorders such as “ringxiety” – which is described as a psychoacoustic phenomenon, when you feel or hear your phone ringing (vibrating) when it’s actually not.
Interested in learning more? Take a look at the following infographic made by creative team at MyTrendyPhone. It shows 35 most interesting facts and information about mobile phones – from the very first mobile phone to some insane statistics. Take a look and satisfy your curiosity.

Interesting facts about mobile phones

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