Why Shifting to CMMS Makes Sense in the Long Term

The modern world running a business has to be one of the toughest jobs around. One wrong move and you can fall so far behind that you wouldn’t even be able to see your competitors, let alone catch up to them! But then to err is human and to prevent that, at least in the business world, we have CMMS solutions.

While CMMS is ubiquitous with large and medium sized business, some small businesses may have second thoughts before implementing them into their organisation. After all, any added investment is a risk and in this rat-race, one can’t afford to take a wrong turn. However modern mobile CMMS solutions might be the answer!

These agile software suites pack the full power and risk-management systems that traditional CMMS solutions provide without being an expensive investment. In the long term,. A CMMS software suite will not just earn you back the money you invested on it manifold, it might also save your business!

How can one software solution be capable of so much change? Well it provides 5 distinct long term benefits that has been proven to drive your business up the hill of success!

1. Decreasing Maintenance Costs

Every CMMS software comes equipped with asset maintenance that can be configured by maintenance managers to increase the lifetime of your assets as well as decrease repairing costs by automating the scheduling process. Preventive Maintenance is one of the most prominent money saving features of a CMMS suite and will end up saving you thousands of dollars if not more in the long run.

2. Automated Inventory Management

Human errors often leads to erroneous inventory entries which can lead to huge financial losses for the company by either causing a major disruption in the production line or even issues with product delivery and order fulfilment. This is one area where the automated CMMS software shines as it can not only keep tabs on inventory across various different locations, the software can be configured to order parts as soon as they run low in stock as well.

3. Increased Productivity

With reduced downtime for assets, CMMS automatically brings in higher productivity as the increased efficiency in tracking as well as decision making leads to a much more streamlined workflow. Also with the burden of repetitive and stress inducing tasks like manual rechecking of data and inventory off the shoulders of managers, innovative ideas are allowed to foster which leads to a fast evolving workplace.

4. Reduced Cost in Paperwork and Employees

With CMMS solutions decreasing the amount of failures and the need of human intervention in the work process, a company can shed the number of employees it needs to keep on board. In the longer run this is a great boon for one of the biggest hurdle which fast growing businesses face is the ability to hire and maintain an increasing number of employees on their payroll. Added to that a CMMS can take over paperwork and integrate all the important data into a single seamless interface.

5. Provide Data-Centric Metrics For Business Decisions

A fully configured CMMS has access to all the data and statistics that are key to running the company. From a single dashboard it is easy to get a bird’s eye view on how the company has been performing by accessing KPIs such as Inventory, Assets, Orders, Asset Failure Rates and others. This means that now these statistics can be used to make data centric decisions which can help managers determine the ROI they’re gaining from implementing a CMMS system.

In the words of the famous American businessman Arnold H Glasgow, “One of the tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency.” and with a great CMMS deployed in your company you will be able to do just that. And that right there is the most compelling reason you need to get a CMMS for you company in the long term.

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