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VR Games You Should Try Out

The concept of virtual reality – or VR – is one that has been a part of the science fiction genre for decades, but is now also becoming part of our everyday lives. Essentially virtual reality means an ultra-realistic simulation of a real-world environment and it is very big news within the world of gaming […] Read More

How Big Is Video Gaming Industry: Facts And Statistics

A video game is a programmed electronic game that can be cast and played on a computing device which includes gaming console, personal computer or mobile phone. Video games are sub-categorized into console games and computer games. However, in the recent years, the eruption of gadgets and devices like tablets, smartphones, and laptops have triggered […] Read More

What Gaming Gadgets To Get This Year

2016 was an incredible year for gadget innovation, and it looks like we can expect to see our gaming technology getting even more advanced throughout 2017 thanks to some of these upcoming devices. Nintendo Switch Releasing in March, 2017 with an astounding launch line-up, the Nintendo Switch to be one of the standout releases of […] Read More