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Unethical SEO Techniques that Destroy Page Rank

Subscribing to unethical search engine optimization techniques, otherwise known as “Black Hat” SEO techniques, is the most common reason for decline in your website’s page rankings. As there is no faster way to negatively affect your SEO efforts than to use black hat SEO practices. Major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo!, are constantly […] Read More

Draw Content Ideas from Anywhere

Although each writer and content strategist would give you a different definition of content marketing, none will deny that the main idea is to provide insightful answers to readers. The process of creating powerful content would often lead you to identifying your customer’s agonies or answering the questions which might have been unanswered or ambiguously […] Read More

10 Simple Tips to Keep Your Web Design Clients Happy

You’re probably a great designer with an excellent reputation to boot, but these attributes alone cannot guarantee a happy client. There’s a great deal of competition in the web design field – you have to go the extra mile to ensure your client absolutely adores you. Know your clients Do thorough due diligence with regard […] Read More